Monday, January 23, 2012

Wondering if the trade deadline is February 1, 2012

Good Monday to you all, hope that your first day of work this week was not overbearing.

For me, this weekend was one of the busiest that I can recall ever on the trade front.  I completed 5 (yes five) trades, which for some of you may be nothing, but for me it probably was the busiest weekend on the trade front since I started the blog almost 6 months ago.  I have a couple of more trades on the go as well.

Am I complaining?  Hell no!!  But the influx of trade offers on the weekend kind of caught me off guard, and with the upcoming release of Topps '12 Series 1 on the 1st of February, I was just wondering if everybody was just getting their last minute trades in before the new cards come

Some of you may have noticed I made a Sportlots purchase on the weekend as well.  The first of those envelopes came in today, with some '01 Fleer Tradition and a '02 Topps Gallery card to show for the first of 7 envelopes that I will (hopefully) receive.

I've loved both of these sets for a long time, and after seeing these cards come in today, I regret not finishing these sets 10 years ago.  They are both on the fab five, and I'm now making a more concerted effort to finish these off.

Keep an eye out for a boat load of trade posts over the next couple of weeks...the Habit has been hit hard...OPC , Insanity, Jays, and I'm loving every minute of it.

By the way, in case you hadn't sent a bubble mailer with the new rates, up to 3 ounces now costs $ don't have too big a heart attack when you hit the P.O. for your next trade.

Keep the trades a coming, maybe I'll hit the 100 envelope goal before school's out!!   (that's not a dare btw, lol)

Thanks for reading, Robert..


  1. Hi Robert, I think there's more trades as more people are sorting out their cards for the new year of cards.

    I for one have worked hard on my trade lists, sorting out what I don't from from the few cards I do.

  2. Hi Robert,

    Potch sent me over to you. I have 14 or so cards from your 2001 Fleer Tradition list. I found a few cards on your site that I need. What I'm really looking for is 2009 OPC # 154 560. Let me know if you have those and are interested in trading. My site (for now) is