Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I was taught today that Blue Jays aren't always blue, and other things..

Good Wednesday evening to you all, the week is half gone, it's all downhill towards the weekend now!

I came home today to a wonderful bounty of cards.  2 PWE's, 2 bubble mailers, and a small white box that I was definitely not expecting!

The 2 PWE's were Sportlots purchases towards the 2002 Topps Gallery set that I'm trying to complete:

Xavier Nady's card is from 5 teams ago.  I saw the Brandon Inge card and it reminded me that he debuted in the majors as a catcher and played there steady until 2004.  The Mike Schmidt card is my favorite, the powder blue unis from the early 80's were the best.  Only a handful of cards to go to complete this set, and they should be in the mail on their way to me!!

The two bubble envelopes were from two opposite sources.  One was an eBay auction win, which I will post with some other relics that are on their way to me over the next few days.  The other was a welcome package from Johnny at the Cards from the Quarry blog.  Johnny sent me some cards for the insanity set, which I will feature on that blog, and in a trade post here later this week.   Johnny, thank you by the way!!!

Finally, the last package that arrived was a total surprise, and I will say this, it came from a Prince of a blogger (cough...Dennis...cough)...

Way too much goodness in here to devote to just one post, so I decided to have a little fun with the first post.

Any package that contains a wide assortment of Jays is always a welcome sight here at the Habit...and this package was also educational!  Who knew that Blue Jays came in more than one color (colour for you Canadian/English viewers)

Let's see now....there is   Purple





Powder Blue!!


Green green

and finally....Dodger Blue

How in the world did that get in there??????????(lol)

There are many more cards where that came from, thank you very much Dennis!!  Trade post to appear later this week as well.

Thanks to Dennis I now have plans for my days off on Friday and Monday....sorting cards...(grin)

Thanks for reading, Robert

p.s.  I don't know if any of you use Yahoo Messenger out there, but if you do, you can add me to your contact list (ID rmitchell6700)... when you add me, just be sure to tell me who you are...people add me to their messenger list with screen names that are totally off the wall and I have no idea who they are...


  1. Oops--the Shawn Green Dodgers card came from my stack of him in my box sorted by player. I guess it looked enough like a Blue Jay uni for me to throw it in. Flip it to Night Owl or something.

    Also, I noticed you didn't howl about the Hentgen being peeled and scream at me that it decreased the Beckett price, so good on you on that count. Thanks again for the card you sent me, I'll feature that very soon.

  2. Heh. Usually the Dodgers are confused with the Royals. I get Royals cards all the time. (I think I might have that card. Not sure).

    By the way, expect to see the J.J. Trujillo Gallery card again -- coming to a mailbox near you.