Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2012 Trade post #4: Blog reader Max (Jacobmrly)

Good Wednesday afternoon to you all, hope that your week is moving along quickly and safely.

The fourth trade of the year that I'm posting to the blog was with Max, who I'm sure you have seen around the blogosphere. His icon if he's following your blog is the penguin.  Max spotted a card on the insanity blog that he needed.  The trade actually started with just one number.


Just last week, I posted serial # 527, which turned out to be Jeremy Affeldt of the San Francisco Giants.  Max left a comment stating that he needed that card, because he collects cards with the number 527!  As you all know, I am more than willing to trade with a fellow blogger/collector if it helps them out.

Thus, a trade was born.  I sent Max a stack of cards of his favorite teams (one of which includes the Saints, who I hope pound the Niners into submission this week)

In return...I received an insane stack!  Currently and tentatively listed at 26 cards, it was a great stack of serial numbered greatness that I was more than happy to receive. 

I say tentatively because there are a couple of Dodgers in the scan, and I know a certain Owl who may be interested....  lol

What was even better is that Max had a replacement serial # 527!  How cool is that.  Pictured are just 7 cards from the lot, but rest assured they all have found a good home here.  The LaRoche is a Chrome Refractor, and as I mentioned before, there are a couple more 2008 Heritage Chrome cards here, which I am becoming quite attached to.

If you haven't had the opportunity to trade with Max yet, take a look for cards #'d 527, I'm sure he'll be interested.

Thank you for the trade Max, I look forward to future trades!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Lucky you, I've got both cards. But I have been eyeing that John Lindsey green Bowman card over on the other blog.