Sunday, January 29, 2012

Goodwill Hunting

Good Sunday afternoon to you all, hope that the weekend is going well for you.

Yes, I am aware that the post title is a 1998 movie by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.  But it's also what the wife and I do every once in a while. 

We call it "junking".  We hit all the local area Goodwill stores, and see what kind of "junk" they have.  Now I know what you all are already saying, "why in the world would you want to buy someone else's stuff that they didn't want anymore??"  One man's (or woman's) trash is an others treasure.

You would be surprised to see what my wife can do with this so called junk, especially old lamps.  Check out this picture for example...

Everything you see there, recycled.  See the lights hanging from the tree??  Burnt out light bulbs, which instead of heading to a landfill, wound up as tree ornaments.  Wooden candle holders, snowman lamps, all taken from stuff that people would throw into a landfill.  Our little part of helping the environment. 

Now I know what you're saying...what does this have to do with cards, it is after all a sports card blog, right?

Well, the local Goodwill store had a basket at the front of the store, with 4 baggies filled with baseball cards that had been donated.  Priced at $5.99, I was a little skeptical, but with it being the last weekend of the month, everything in the store is 1/2 off.   100+ cards for around $3?  I'll take that gamble. 

Here's a card that was on top of the see through baggie...

Can't hurt to start with the Crime Dog as a Jay on top...but wait, it gets better

a couple of other decent singles...

2011 Topps Mickey Mantle...can't complain about this either.  There was 31 Topps 2011 cards in the pack.

I saw this next card and thought "cool, there's some OPC in here!"

Turns out it's a preview card from 08 UD baseball.  Still, I like it...

This next group of cards I have never seen before.

2008 UD Infield Power inserts, 9 total (the Mike Lowell didn't fit on the scanner with these).  Funny, they were in retail packs, but I never saw one, and I'm pretty sure that I bought mostly retail in '08. 

The next 5 I was kind of shocked to find in there...

5 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards.   really??  This 3 bucks is getting better by the minute...

This next one is a little off topic here, but I like this set, and it is probably the only 80's Topps set that I will try and collect in the future.

I don't know what it is, the team name at the top in the team's colors in a black background has always attracted me to these cards.  Sick, ya I know, but for me this works.  Make a mental note...'86 Topps in the future...

Finally, you all know the fun I'm having with the '77 Topps set.  Well, one of the other 70's sets that I had also planned to work on in the future is the '79 set....well I was able to get a head start on that set as well in this package...

Total of 31 cards towards that OK shape, sadly someone crossed out some of the team names in pen on the backs, but as a starter lot, this is definitely OK.  One can always upgrade later, right??

Great fun for a Friday afternoon for $3...we were also able to find a couple of more lamps for her to work with as well on the cheap.   Add in some chicken wings for dinner and it was a great Friday off for me.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. the way the describe your inexplicable attraction to the '86 set is the same way i feel about those '79 cards - i can't figure out why, but i like them!

    1. It is odd isn't it...maybe it's because the '86s are so simple. We can't always predict what we're going to like I guess.

  2. What a great haul for $3! I have a bunch of 86 Topps laying around, they will find there way to you eventually. Kev, I have some 79 Topps I'll look for as well.