Thursday, February 25, 2021

You can't spell Thursday without TY

 A few weeks ago Joe, who sells under the Cheap Cards moniker on Twitter, posted this T.Y. Hilton card for sale.

I don't add a lot of cards to my player PC's now a days, but for $4 I quickly jumped on this card from 2016 Panini Clear Vision.  Serial #'d to just 49 copies doesn't hurt.  The red version is one of 7 different colors available, likely ones that I won't chase but will grab if they come my way such as this one did.

T.Y.'s teammates on the card are already both retired; Mathis left football after the 2016 season which was his 13th in the league, while Andrew Luck left 2 years later after just 6 years in the league.  

It'll be interesting to see how Hilton fares in 2021 with another new quarterback as Carson Wentz joins the Colts after the big trade with the Eagles.  Hopefully they have the same success as 2020 with Philip Rivers as the signal caller.

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, February 20, 2021

4 out of the Next 10

I would have written this one as the 3rd set completed earlier had my record keeping been accurate.  I'd been in single digits to complete the 2017 Allen & Ginter set for a while, having been on 6 to go since November.

With the Sportlots order came these 2 cards...

The Aaron Judge RC alone costing me $6, which I wound up considering reasonable considering the madness that is going on in the card world currently.  

I had 4 other cards on my TCDB "in transit" list, which I wondered whether I'd received them already but had neglected to remove them.   A quick check of the 2017 box for this set revealed that I had them, so the '17 set becomes the 5th Allen & Ginter set I've completed to go along with 2011, 2015, 2016 and 2018.

I've now finished the first 4 sets I had listed in the Next 10 post a few months ago; the remaining 6 sets are down to a combined 191 cards left on the want lists.  A lot less daunting task than I had previously imagined.

Enjoy the hobby!


3 out of the Next 10

So after a bit of a weather delay, I received my Sportlots box yesterday.   Lots of fun inside including cards from at least 15 different sets, which is something I probably should slim down a bit for my next order.

A good thing though, is that quite a few of those cards went towards the Next 10 sets that I'm working on and 3 of them in particular finished off a set that's been in progress for quite a long time.

Say goodbye to the want list for the 2008 Upper Deck X Diecut set!

I am glad to have this one off the list since the want list for it since I wrote the Next 10 post back in September has been fewer than 10 cards.  

The recent Sportlots order has also knocked off cards from several of the Next 10 want lists.  The Gypsy Queen green set is nearing the finish line, as is the 2017 Allen & Ginter set.  I managed to knock off cards off of all the remaining Next 10 want lists, which is a good thing. 

I'm also coming within sight of finishing sets like 2019 A&G, 1984-85 OPC hockey and 1986 Topps football.  Each of these 3 sets are now less than 100 cards from completion, with the latter two sets likely being a bit slower to complete as they have big name rookie cards that I'll have to hunt down.

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, February 13, 2021

It's a start

I mentioned in my new years post that I wanted to start filling in some holes.  Completing vintage pages by nabbing anywhere from 1 to a handful of cards to make the page whole.

This post is my first in what I'm hoping to be a series of these type of posts.  Being able to show off complete vintage pages is something that is quite enjoyable for me, as I'm sure it is for those of you out there working on older sets.

I decided to start with one of my favorite, if not the favorite, hockey set, 1971-72 O-Pee-Chee.

I recently made a 9 card purchase from this set from my favorite ebay seller, The Battersbox.  This page, cards 55-63 was missing 2 cards.

Once Terry Harper and Wayne Hillman were added, this page is now done!  Not only did I fill the page, I also noticed that I already own the Gilbert Perreault card, which I previously didn't think was the case.  I'd been looking at ebay BIN's in the $10-$20 range and now I have one less thing to worry about upon seeing the Sabres great on this page!

More of these to come....

Enjoy the hobby!


Monday, February 8, 2021

Off the board a bit

 I've been cutting back a bit on cards, partly because of the insanity we're seeing on the secondary market, partly because I've wanted to get all the cards I have for trade listed on TCDB.  

Well, I managed to get 700 cards onto the TCDB site this weekend, a major accomplishment for this slacker.  Still have at least a 4 row monster box to get entered, but at least I've made progress.

This post is a bit of a digression for me.  I decided to support someone on twitter and it is isn't the usual suspects, or the type of card that I normally buy.

I follow Sue (@tiskasue) on Twitter and a couple of weeks ago she posted a few auctions on eBay.  Now for quite a long time, I've shied away from auctions as I normally get sniped at the end.  For some reason, I saw the card below and decided to give this auction a go.  I was happy when I won and even happier when the card arrived today after taking an extended trip around the NY area....

I've always had a soft spot for these types of cards, Topps Triple Threads memorabilia that shows some kind of message on the card.  I don't collect Manny Machado, but I do like numbered cards and the color purple is also a parallel that I will never shy away from.  

Big thanks to Sue for the auction, and if you're wondering the card was packaged very well and was shipped promptly.  

Have fun with the hobby!