Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 For those of you that are of the 50ish age era, you might be able to guess what the inspiration for the title was.  I'll put the video in at the end of the post just in case you didn't know...

Recently, Nicole (@nic_andersen) on twitter offered up a bunch of Dallas Stars cards for sale.  Not that I'm a Stars fan by any stretch, but there was one card in the group that caught my eye immediately.

I had bought a few of these a while back from Kin and immediately took a shine to the look of the card.  I'm not a big jersey card collector, but if the set looks good (in my opinion) I'll give it a look.  Nicole gave me a good price on the card, and asked if there was anything else she could send to fill out the envelope.

Leafs all day!  Figured I would get some commons from recent sets, which wouldn't have been bad as I've started chasing those as well.   Nope...

Calle Rosen and Rasmuis Sandin rookies!!  I even enjoyed the Alex Kerfoot rookie even though he's pictured in an Avalanche jersey,  I was happy the Leafs were able get Kerfoot in the trade with the Avs last year, and I think now that Manny Malhotra is an assistant coach with the club, he'll help develop Kerfoot into the 3rd line center that the Leafs really need.

I really haven't seen many of the Allure cards in hand, so getting ahold of one, a Sandin RC no less, was a great pleasure, and I've not given up on Calle Rosen yet either.  

Kodachrome is one of the older songs from Paul Simon that I still remember, and it reminds me of camping in Northern Ontario back in the 70's, which we did every summer.  

Thank you to Nicole for the great package, I highly recommend to all of you out there whenever she tosses out a pic or 2 of cards for sale.  

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, September 27, 2020

A little bit of help

 Chris from the Collector blog spotted a post of mine a couple of weeks ago asking for a start on the '86 Topps football set.  A day or 2 later, a TCDB trade popped up that netted me some help on a pair of sets.  Let's start with the '86 FB

What I love about this set is not only the design, is that I remember a lot of the names that I've been seeing on cards so far.  The big name on the first scan is of course Danny White of the Cowboys, the QB that took over America's Team when the legend Roger Staubach retired.  You may or may not remember that White also did the punting for the Cowboys for a decade, an interesting side job on a football field.

What I like about the set so far is the team cards.  Love seeing the action photos and then turning over the card and seeing the team leader stats, along with the full results from the '85 schedule.  Different, but still it works for me.  By the way, Gary Anderson had way too great a hair style for a football player in the 80's.  Looks as if he should have been on an episode of Miami Vice.

These 21 cards just about doubled my total; I now have 43 cards out of the 396 card set.  Still a long way to go, and I'd still like to see if I can get another nice chunk of cards to get the build going.  

Not only did Chris hit this set, he hit another one that I've been building for a while.  The 2009-10 O-Pee-Chee hockey set is becoming one of my favorites because a good portion of what I have so far has come via the trade route.

11 more cards to add bringing the total to 330 out of the original 600 card set.  I bought very little of this set when it first came out, so hitting this number is very satisfying because of the help I've received from the card community.  

Last up is a quartet of "random" cards, 1 each from 3 of my player collections, and Terry Ruskowski from the 81-82 OPC set.  Ruskowski is in great shape considering 81-82 is known for rough edges and poor cuts.  The Thome and Sundin cards fit into the "didn't I have that already" category, but thankfully I did not.  

A big thank you to Chris for putting a very nice dent into a couple of set want lists, especially the '86 Topps football which I'm excited about putting together.

Enjoy the hobby!


Friday, September 25, 2020

5% squared

 I guess you could call it double dipping.  Earlier this week eBay had their 5% bucks promotion, so I took the opportunity to look for one specific card that was likely the big fish remaining in the '74 Topps pond.

Not the greatest copy of card #1, but I'm not looking for pristine, I'm looking for affordable and good enough.  Between this and a current copy of Beckett Hockey that the same seller had, I spent just about $20.  5% of that went into the eBay bucks account, and since I have my Discover card tied into my paypal, I gained another 5 % cash back on that end as well.

Don't panic, I have a very low CC balance that I keep paid off monthly so I'm not abusing it, but using it to get the extra buck or 2, which will add up to something nice in the next couple of months.

Oh and by the way, the '74 set is down into the teens now as I have a handful of them on their way to a new Sportlots box order.  I'm looking to get this set out of the way finally and move on to some other things.

Enjoy the hobby!



Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Next 10

 Blog post #2010 finally got me around to posting the next 10 sets that I want to complete.  The pair of '74 Topps cards below were also helpful in getting me closer to finishing the first 10 sets I posted back on January 1st.

These cards bring the want list down to 21.  A third of those are in my first Box order on Sportlots that I submitted yesterday.  You'll be hearing more about that as this post develops.

Now as far as the 10 sets that I want to finish next is concerned, some of them are pretty close to completion, much like the original group of 10.  I've chopped the want lists on a lot of these during the year , so what you're going to see for each set is the original want list count when I wrote the list about 2 months ago, and what I need now.

Let's go!

1.  2008 Upper Deck X die cut

Original want list:  12

Now:  8

It's been forever since I first snagged one of these die cuts, and they've always had a soft spot in my collecting mind.  The Sportlots order has 6 of them, I think I'm down to Ken Griffey Jr and the Ian Kennedy RC (cheapness won out over grabbing them).  I'll take care of this on the next order.

2.  1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Hockey


Original want list:  28 cards

Now:  3

I remember ripping a box of these when they first came out 30 years ago.  Why I never got around to finishing the set, I'll never know.  I've carted these around for over a generation.  One of the cards is a Joe Sakic, which I'm going to hunt through my doubles to see if I have an extra copy.

The other two cards are Jamie Macoun and the Blackhawks team card.  This is almost fait accompli.

3.  2017 Topps Allen & Ginter

Original want list:  88 cards

Now:  21

A couple of recent trades, and a kind envelope from the Night Owl have put a nice dent into this want list.  With just 7 of the 21 cards remaining being of the SP variety, this will be another quick finish.

Why did I scan the Trees of India card?  When I first bought a few packs back in '17, it seemed like I pulled a lot of these.  Made me wonder if they used too many of the Indian trees to print the cards at the time...

4.  2012-13 ITG Between the Pipes

Original want list:  58 cards

Now:  31

I remember buying a box of this product back at the Hockey Expo I believe in 2013 or '14 for less than 30 dollars, and was quite happy when I got it home and ripped it.  I remember pulling a Gary Inness auto and a fabulous Henrik Lundqvist Jersey/Stick card (which has since moved on to a Rangers fan).  But most of all, I loved seeing the goalies and the masks they wore, including the John Garrett card above from his time as a Nordique.  

Most of the remaining 31 are part of the Sportlots box order that is in process.  This will be an easy set to complete and knock off the want list.

5.  2019 Donruss Football

Original want list:  93 cards

Now:  51

One of the 2 football sets on the list, both of which I regretted starting once I realized the make up of the set.  350 cards, 100 of them rookies is more of a task than I should have taken on.  I still need three of the big name quarterbacks (Murray, Hoskins and Allen) and all 51 cards on the want list are RCs.  Getting this set and the next one out of the way will be a welcome relief

6.  2018 Panini Prestige Football

Original want list:  76 cards

Now:  32

Another kick myself moment when I decided to pursue this set.  100 of the 300 cards are RCs and SPs.  This and the Donruss set above are the reason that I decided to start building a couple of the older football sets.  Baker Mayfield, Sony Michel and Sam Darnold are 3 of the cards I need to finish the set off.  This one may end up being finished a little bit later than the next couple on the list.  We shall see.

7.  2019 Topps Gypsy Queen green parallel

Original want list:  62 cards

Now:  41

This set was an instant love affair.  I love the green far more than the base set.  The only down point that Fuji pointed out to me one day is the card numbers on the back.  I need a magnifying glass to see them.  

I have 4 of the 41 in my Sportlots box right now, so this one is definitely on the radar for completion.  

8.  2018-19 O-Pee-Chee hockey

Original want list:  90 cards

Now:  48

A nice chunk has come off this list in the last couple of months.  However, 44 out of the 48 cards that I need are SPs.  BUT, 13 of those SPs are team checklists, similar to the New Jersey Devils card you see above.

I decided to try and hunt for a few of the player SPs today on Sportlots, and there's one seller who is selling his SPs for $6 apiece.  Crazy.  I think I'm going to try and reach a contact with a Canadian LCS and see if they can get me closer to finishing this set.

The modern OPC set run is one that I want to complete/keep up with, and finishing this up will be the 3rd one out of the way.  I believe the 2020-21 set is the 15th release, so I'm a little behind.

9.  2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage hockey

Original want list:  34 cards

Now:   30

Another set that I got close to completing but slowed down on over the years, 02-03 Vintage is a simple design, but the base cards are all horizontal while the team checklist and rookie cards are all vertical.  13 short printed base cards (all stars of course) and 17 team checklists are what keep me from finishing this set.

10.  2013-14 Panini Prizm hockey

Original want list:  115 cards

Now:  111

Another set that is 1/3 rookie cards, 2013-14 Panini Prizm is the one and only Prizm hockey set, so I'd like to finish this one up if it doesn't get too pricey.   This will definitely be the 10th set of this group of 10 that gets finished.  

I hemmed and hawed about getting adventurous and finishing off a vintage baseball or hockey set, but those are too far off and would only end up discouraging me as the process will be a lengthy one.  I can reasonably see myself finishing these by next summer while getting a start on the run of modern OPC hockey and modern A&G baseball sets.  

I'm definitely looking forward to getting this group done!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Thursday, September 17, 2020


 I do consider myself to be very lucky when it comes to my collection.  I've had quite a bit of help over the past 9+ years, bloggers with opinions on products, places to buy cards that I hadn't heard of when I first started writing about my collecting exploits.

What's interesting now with COVID-19 in our midst is what's happening to the card economy.  With a lot of non-essential business being shuttered due to social distancing, a lot of supplies and access to them have been in short supply.

What I've wound up with an excess of is top loaders, one of the items in short supply (so it seems).  I read a post on the TCDB website from someone who needed extra toploaders and responded saying I had a bunch that were just taking up space.   Used ones of course.

After a bit of back and forth, I decided to send them off with nothing promised in return, for 2 reasons.

  1. It was about 250 top loaders, and the space that they were taking would be better used storing cards or other items
  2. I was long overdue to perform a Random Act of Kindness.
Off to the post office I went and shipped them off.  Received a message a couple of days later thanking me for the package, and asking what I wanted in return.  Didn't really need anything, but told him if he wanted to send me something, I'd trust his judgement about fair value.   To be honest, I really wasn't concerned about getting anything back.

I was stacked.   Look at that stack!!!  I had recently just put up a want list for 2012 Allen & Ginter on TDCB, and Bobby (TCDB ID: Bobby L) took a shot at reducing it.  Just about 100 cards came my way, and the set is now just over half done with what I already in hand.  

This made my day when I wasn't expecting a stack like this to come my way.  The timing was also good as A&G 2020 made its way to shelves this past week.  I've seen a lot of early pulls on Twitter and I think it looks pretty good.  Of course, there's the normal bitching from people here and there, but over the years I've been converted and I enjoy the product each year.

Bobby, thank you for the great stack of cards, they really are appreciated!

Enjoy the hobby!


Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Checklists with lines and other cards

While scanning the cards for this post, I noticed something that I hadn't seen before.  Checklists with lines.

I look at this scan of 9 cards from old TCDB trading partner Tom (TCDB ID: BigOinPA) and wonder what's going on.  Thought the scanner bed was dirty, because I see all kinds of lines on the bottom right hand card.

Shows how much I pay attention, because both of the checklists that I received have lines on them.  Now I'm not going to go digging through other sets, but I can't recall a pure checklist card having lines.  I'm sure someone in the comments will set me straight by pointing me to another set that features lines on the checklist, but it struck me as quite odd when I first saw them.

It was great getting 27 cards from the 09-10 OPC set, one that Tom has contributed a fair number of cards towards.   One thing I noticed while writing this post is that not one of the players featured is still in the league.  Even though the set is just over a decade old, I was surprised that no one is still around playing in the league.

The trade brought this set to just over halfway complete and I think I'm going to start plucking away at some of the cheaper SPs in the set.  Eventually, I'd like to have the entire run of the modern OPC sets, which is why I've added a few of them to the starter sets wanted list on the right hand side of the blog.  Even a small starter set similar in size to the trade above would be a great help and I'd do what I could to work something out if you have them.  Let me know!

Enjoy the hobby!


Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Starting to chop down the '74 Topps tree

As I mentioned the other day, it was time to get started on knocking down the '74 Topps want list.  Not only did I make one trade on TCDB that netted me a couple, I also hit the Bay for a few of the star cards as well.

Lousy, lousy scan
I had to dig through my trade archives, but this trio of cards was part of the 2nd trade that I've made with Hal (TCDB ID:halfnard), and not only did I knock a couple commons off of the '74 want list, I was also fortunate to gain the '70 Dave Johnson card, one of the few cards I have left #'d less than 100 on that list. 

Hal had notified me that he may have a bit of a delay in shipping due to the wildfire situation out west, which I totally understood (safety first of course!) and still the cards got here just a few days later safe and sound in their PWE.   Thank you Hal!

For $9 shipped in a bubble mailer, one of my reliable eBay sellers oldbbcards sent me this very nice copy of Johnny Bench.  I've had my eye on it for quite a while, and this was probably the nicest copy that I have seen on all the sites.

I was surprised to find the #4 Hank Aaron Special on eBay for just $5, so it quickly went into my cart.  This card was courtesy of seller hhm224, someone who I used for the first time but would recommend as I bought this card on Saturday, and here it is in my hands on Tuesday!  This leaves me with just the #1 card left out of the 6 Aaron Specials and from what I'm seeing it's going to run me about $20-$30.  Chances are #1 may be the last card I hunt to complete the set.

I have 2 more from the '74 set on the way, which will reduce the list to just 21 cards, including 2 checklists.  6 of those are currently in my Sportlots cart, so the '74 Topps tree is starting to get a little smaller.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Sunday, September 13, 2020

Hey '74 Topps, I haven't forgotten about you

I've just been dragging my feet. 

I nabbed 4 cards on the Sportlots order for the '74 set, bringing that want list below 30 cards.  While writing this post I'm thinking it is time to get the set done, and will likely spend the weekend chasing the remainder on various websites.

Surprising as the want list has shrunk that I'm still finding common cards that I need.  Even more surprising is that I found these all for less than a quarter apiece on Sportlots. 

I paid 90 cents for the Ron Santo card you see here, not bad, but a little bit rough edged on the right hand side, and it almost looks as if he's got a piece of gum or something on the one side of his mouth.  There's also a crease on the right hand side as well, but for under a buck I think I'm happy enough with this copy of Santo.  It does show the risk you take with some sellers and vintage on Sportlots. 

Now, it's off to find Rose, Garvey, McCovey, Munson, Bench, Robinson and a couple of Aaron cards in order to get this one in the books.  $50-60 I'm thinking (read hoping) to finish this up...

Enjoy the hobby!!


Saturday, September 12, 2020

These 5 sets aren't next

It's nice that I made some progress on the sets that I'm going to show, but it's also a bit sad to know that I have a ton of sets that I'd like to finish.  The sets below range in completion from around 35% to in the 60's, but they're not on the set completion radar yet.

My introduction to the modern OPC sets was the 2007-08 OPC set that I found fat packs of in a Wal Mart one day.  I've now the mindset that OPC sets from the past that I'm going to finish are going to be started SPs first, thus making the pain of the final few cards hopefully a lot lighter.  These 9 cards ranged in the 30 to 50 cent range, just perfect for me and I'm sure that sellers priced them that way in order to move them from their inventory.  That and outside of PA Parenteau in the top center, there aren't any players that had a decent career in the NHL on this page.

I have another envelope coming from Sportlots as they notified me the day after they sent my box that they forgot one envelope of 20 cards.  These two sets will be a good chunk of those cards, as I found a seller that's selling commons at anywhere from 18-25 cents, which works for me.   I was a bit off on my opening paragraph, the 85-86 OPC set is nowhere near 1/3 complete, it's actually 1/6 done so there's a long way to go. 

One of my favorite sets of the 80's and one that I'll be glad to have completed again, the 84-85 set took a nice jump with these 13 cards.  As I'm going through my next 10 sets, I'll probably end up continuing to pick off commons as cheaply as I can, avoiding finding the Steve Yzerman RC for as long as possible.   Took a quick look on eBay for the Yzerman RC while writing this, and the cheapest copy is just over $40, and you can clearly see a corner that is nowhere near sharp.

Moving on from mid 80's OPC we come to more modern shiny cards with the 2013-14 Prizm set.  I remember seeing these in Wal Mart a few years ago and loving the look of them.  Had I known then what I know now, I wouldn't have kept on buying them as the last 100 cards of the set are all rookies, and there were some good names among the final 3rd of the set so it'll likely be a while before I start chasing this one more vigorously. 

Going through the Sportlots box has been a blast because I knocked about 200 cards off of my massive want lists, but seeing just how much I still want makes me think sometimes if I've taken on way too much and get myself overwhelmed.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Friday, September 11, 2020

How retro

The big Sportlots box order came in today (at least 16 out of 17 of the orders did), and of course I had a lot of fun going through the decent sized box of envelopes and digging through buried treasure.

Once I got the roughly 180 cards organized and removed them from 14 different want lists on the TCDB (more on that in another upcoming post), I figured I should at least start writing a bit about the haul.

One of the sets that I pulled a few cards from is the 18-19 OPC retro parallel set.  Well off the beaten path of sets that I'm trying to complete, this build is only in its infancy at 38 cards out of the 600. 

For some reason during all my ordering decided to grab a total of 8 cards of varying star quality.  Nobody in particular was in mind when I started grabbing these, I'm sure it was just a matter of picking up some more cards from sellers that I already had in the cart.

When looking at the cards, I noticed the background color patterns.  The 4 in the first scan with the blue background/green name bars.  The 2nd scan featuring green background with orange name bar and the orange background with a purple name bar.  I tried to decipher if there was any rhyme or reason to the color scheme, maybe they were separated by division?  that was quickly shot down as hockey fans will know that the Rangers and the Kings/Coyotes aren't in the same conference, let alone division.  Some more thought will have to be done on this.

This set is probably going to take years to build, and I can see my future with this set clearly now.  I'll be wandering around the International Center in Toronto at the Hockey Expo in 2030 and seeing a dealer with a box full of these trying to get rid of them for cheap. 

That's the norm for me....

Enjoy the hobby!!


Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Is tomorrow evening the start of the return to normal

As I mentioned on the weekend, dazed and confused is probably the best way to describe my sense of time right now.

This is why I'm looking forward to tomorrow night's football season opener between the Texans and the Chiefs.  A pro sport that is returning right when its supposed to return. 

I'll be looking forward to watching my favorite receiver, Larry Fitzgerald, on Sunday as the Cardinals start their season against division rival San Francisco.

Fitz starts the season 22 catches shy of 1400 for his career, still 2nd all time behind the great Jerry Rice.  Larry also needs over 5000 yards to catch Rice for first overall in receiving yards, likely a monumental task as he'd probably need to play 4-5 more years to catch him.  That would bring him to 41-42 years of age.  Jerry Rice played until he was 42, so it is possible.

The fact that I'm even getting to mention football now gives me a bit of hope that things in the world, pandemic wise, can hopefully get back to a little bit more normal. 

Even Sooz  on Twitter is talking football and collecting this evening, so we've gotta be getting close!!

One of her questions tonight on Card Chat asked for your favorite football card.  That was an easy one for me.

I hope and pray that the players/teams take care of themselves and are able to get through this season without a lot of difficulty.  I just don't want it to be the train wreck that the baseball season has been so far. 

Enjoy the hobby!  Stay safe


Tuesday, September 8, 2020

I want it all--and I want it now

First off, before writing anything card related, my prayers are to the folks on the west coast being forced to evacuate because of the fires.  Stay safe out there everyone!!

Sitting here at the monitor/keyboard just thinking about what I want to do with my collection in the near future.  I've promised for weeks that I'm going to put up the next 10 sets I want to complete, and I have compiled 9 so far.  My problem seems to be narrowing the focus because I've got myself overloaded again.  Asking for more starter sets is a good idea, but maybe I should have waited until I got more sets completed.

There is a plan, believe it or not, but I do need to get a whole lot of partial sets that I've had on the go for years completed.

I also still need to get '74 Topps done. 

Cards such as this Andrew McCutchen 2014 Panini Prizm Red White and Blue parallel are such a distraction for me. 

It's very easy for me to hop and eBay and look for all kinds of different auctions featuring all the things I love with cards.  Colorful parallels, serial #'d parallels, cards for my player collections are all ways for me to become distracted from the set building I'm trying to focus on. 

I am looking forward to my first "box" order from Sportlots which should arrive later this week.  Interesting that the package hit a distribution center in WI today, but there's no estimated delivery date, something that in the past was easy to see on the USPS website.  When it arrives, I'll show off a lot of cards from various sets that will be completely (hopefully) sooner rather than later.

I have to keep away from the "I want it all--and I want it now" mentality.

Maybe Queen can help me.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Monday, September 7, 2020

A call for starter sets

I've discovered a couple of older football sets that I'd like to start putting together.  I swore off football for quite a while and putting together a couple of modern sets ('18 Prestige and '19 Donruss) has kind of told me that putting together modern football sets isn't the way to go.

I had grabbed a couple of '86 Topps football cards on a free card Friday a few weeks back, and set them on the shelf above my desk and promptly forgot about them.   I found them again a couple of weeks ago, and decided I liked the look of them.  I'd also mistaken them for '88 Topps, so finding out they were a couple of years older piqued my interest.

So I found a cheap lot of 20 cards on eBay recently (from FL no less) and the start of this set being put together was on.  I'm also looking to put together a few other sets but not without getting some starter sets to put a dent into the want lists.

If you look on the right hand side of my home page, you'll see 10 sets that I'd like to get started.  A few A&G's that I'd like to catch up on, along with a quartet of modern OPC hockey (which I enjoy very much) and a pair of older football sets. 

If you have any for me, let me know what we can work out, either in trade or payment.  Hope to hear from someone looking to get a few dupes out of their storage boxes!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, September 6, 2020

2K is OK.

I'm the third blogger in 2020 to admit that they've hit the 2000 post mark, following in the footsteps of Dime Boxes: The Low-End Baseball Collectors Journey on 6/9 (post here) and The Shlabotnik Report on 6/1 (post here).

Before you say anything, I don't consider myself in league with either of those gentlemen.  Both of them have taken baseball cards and writing to another level.  Their love of the game is evident in how they write.  As is their love of collecting. 

All I can say is that during 2020, I've taken steps to improve my writing by reading my posts before I publish to try to make sure that posts aren't using specific words too often. 

One thing I do share with DBN and TSR is the love of vintage.  Enjoyment of building pre-1980 sets is something that has evolved while I've been blogging and it isn't getting old. 

My love of completing sets was rekindled with just one card.  1964 Topps #540 Luis Aparicio

I will probably take with me for a long time the feeling I got when this card was put in the '64 Topps binder, finishing my first vintage set.   In the decade of the '00s, I had no concept, or desire to finish a vintage set, thinking that finishing older sets was unreachable.  When I started putting this set together there were still fears.  I was also putting together the Serial Numbered Insanity frankenset and cards that were old were new for me.

But I digress.  It's all about the blogging, 2000 posts.  I've had a lot of fun with the blog.  I'm going to continue having fun writing.  It's an escape from the real world. 

But it's also memories.  I can still remember where I picked up this card.  Strongsville, OH card show.  The dealer had it pinned to a giant cork board....don't panic it was sleeved and no cards here hurt with any of his pins.   I can remember asking the dealer what he wanted for it.  When he said $25, I didn't flinch.  It didn't align with anything I was putting together at the time, but I wanted it because it featured one of the greatest Maple Leaf players of all time. 

Sometimes it's just as simple as that. 

My plan going forward?  Keep doing what I'm doing.  Having fun.  Trying to promote the good in the hobby.  Meet more good people, like the dozens I've met in the 9+ years that the blog has existed.

Another good thing about 2000 posts?  I get cake!!

Thank you to all, and keep writing no matter what.

Enjoy the hobby, and see you at 3000!!


Saturday, September 5, 2020

Dazed and Confused

Apparently, I've lost all concept of time.  From what my friends told me when I moved to Florida 5 years ago (yes, it's already been that long) I'd lose all concept of time and seasons.  The year around nice weather would eventually warp my senses.

Well today, it happened.  Get this.

I went to the Barnes & Noble for the first time since the Pandemic started back in March.  I'd been wanting to go for a week or 2 now, and with my wife occupied with her good friend in town, I took the opportunity this morning. 

My goal was to grab a Beckett magazine or two to get myself up to date. I was certainly overdue, as the last copy I purchased was from Nov. '19.  I hit the periodicals on the far left wall, and started looking.  The first copy of the baseball version had a Yankee on it (I think it was Aaron Judge) and I took a close look and it said April '20. 

My first thought was "boy that's recent, nice!"  I look one shelf behind and there's a newer looking copy....

Heard his name a few times on the blogs and twitter, so I look closer at the date on the bottom.

August 2020.  My first thought is "when did Beckett start publishing months ahead?"  Being brain dead as I was, I grabbed this and the September FB Beckett (they didn't have hockey which was my first want) featuring Dak Prescott and I went off to the novels section.  It wasn't for about an hour that I realized....

It's September now.  OH MY GOD.

I've lost my mind.  Maybe it's because the Stanley Cup playoffs are going on.  Maybe it's because I've become stir crazy from being in the house so much (today was the first time I left my property in a week).  I seem to have lost some concept of time, at least today.  I've been sitting and working all week at home looking forward to the labor day weekend.

Dazed and confused.  You betcha!  I'm not old enough to start having senior moments yet.

Or maybe I am....

Remember, if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at?

Enjoy the hobby!!


Friday, September 4, 2020

Come on USPS--you can do better than this

I've written posts here and there both praising and condemning the USPS.  Sometimes they do great work, case in point, I've had a couple of trades with fellow collectors in the great white north arrive to me in 10 days recently.   10 days from Canada, especially the prairies and the west coast is a pretty good time.

Then, there's this one.

I completed a trade a couple of weeks back with Douglas (TCDB ID: dwunder) which netted me some great cards for 4 of my player collections.  More on that in a minute.

I received this envelope yesterday.  9/3

It was shipped 8/19 from Iowa.  15 days.

It had tracking on it, so I decided to look it up.  It's been out for delivery since the 24th of August.  10 days.  It takes me 15 minutes to walk to my post office from my house. 

Come on USPS--you can do better than this.

Rant over.  Card time

Getting close to finishing the '08 UD X die cut set, just 10 to go.   Nice to have the Freak in house.

Early days Ichiro.  Always great to get a couple of these added to the collection.

Non Blue Jays cards featuring John Olerud are always welcome.  That collection is starting to grow as well.

There's gold in dem dar Thomes.   I have very few Bowman parallels featuring Jim Thome.  Time to start changing that. 

Speaking of Bowman parallels, I love the Bowman International versions with the flag as the background.  Of course, I'm partial to the American flag, as it looks great behind the follow through of Andrew McCutchen.

The 1985 parallel on the left is just one of 2 that I need.  This one will go with the set, so if someone finds another I could use it for my Cutch collection.

Thank you Doug for the cards, they are appreciated!  Look forward to our next trade.

Enjoy the hobby!!