Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Trade post #7: The Sandlot

Good Tuesday afternoon to you all, hope that you're having a good day at work (if you in fact are reading this while at work...)

Next up on the trade list, Joe at The Sandlot.  Joe emailed me a couple of weeks back, and asked if I was interested in trading for some Jays cards that I didn't have, along with a few serial #'d cards.

Silly rabbit, of course I am!!  Mind you, Joe has the patience of Job while I procrastinated for 2 weeks.  Finally, I got off my duff and pulled a few Mets cards for him, and thus a trade was completed.

First, the Jays cards...

Might be able to call them the Black Jays with these cards.  Seriously though, I love the Unique cards especially, the names along the left hand side of the card are pretty cool and the design for me isn't too busy.  The Morrow card in the upper right is from '11 Bowman, and features the white hat, which you don't see the Jays use very often.

A few insanity cards were also included...here's a sneak peek...

Sneaking ever closer to the magic 1500 number!!  Joe, thank you for the trade, next time I'll be a little quicker on the draw for ya....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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