Monday, January 16, 2012

Blah.... I just don't feel like writing

Good Monday evening to you all, hope that you survived the worst day of the work week.

Honestly, I just don't feel like writing tonight.  The winter blahs have really got me down more than ever.  I've noticed more and more the past few years that when winter hits, I get moody.   I'm tired of the snow, and I wish the winter would go by faster than a fastball thrown by this guy:

I have to be careful though, when I start to wish that life goes by faster than it should, I remember how fast this guy's life ended, and think twice about it...

But on to more trivial matters than life and death....I took a look at the next card and wondered if this guys first name was Austin.

I wonder if he may have been super.

I also found a couple of cards that made me wonder a little about Topps.  First, I wonder if they knew Mr. Green here was going to be standing with his right hand on his hip.

Come on Topps, get this stuff right!   Blah...

Next, I wonder what Topps was thinking when they marketed a pole dancing card to kids, I mean...come on now!!  At least if you're going to produce this card...get me Kristi Yamaguchi or Hope Solo...

I saw this next card and remembered just how old I really feel lately:

This photo was taken at the old Exhibition Stadium in Toronto.  See those seats in behind Fred McGriff there?  During the late 70's and early 80's, we could go to the Dominion grocery store and buy those seats for $2!!  They were also general admission, so you could sit anywhere that you wanted.  
You can't even buy a pencil for your scorecard for $2 now....

Hopefully you haven't found my sense of humor as warped as this card:

That appears to be Aaron Hill doing his best imitation of a fish jumping out of water.  

Not too bad for a guy who didn't want to write anything tonight....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I say bring on Tuesday...oh wait, it's already here!

  2. Get to the doctor. He has magic pills that help with "Winter Blues". I know.