Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Few and further between

Trades have dwindled quite a bit recently, which is totally understandable.  I think I've been to the post office once in the past 2 weeks, where in the past that would be a walk for me 2-3 times a week.  No worries, all for the common good right!!

I do have a trickling of trades coming in, including this one with Edward that helped my rapidly decreasing want list for 2020 Topps drop even lower.

The horizontal cards look pretty good, and to me it looks as if Lewis Thorpe is throwing about 6 inches off of the rubber from this photo.  Just noticed while writing this post that all 3 of the pitchers featured in this scan are lefties.

3 more left handed pitchers in this scan, including Anthony Kay of the Jays who reminds me a bit of Brett Cecil from a few years back.  Not sure if anyone heard today, but Toronto has banned any kind of social gatherings for the next 3 months, ending June 30th.  It will be interesting now to see what happens with pro sports with this restriction in place in the Great White North.

Each time it seems I add more cards to my player collection want lists, TCDB members knock more off the list.  The Stadium Club Thome may be the most recently released card of his that I own now, and both the McCutchen and Ichiro collections are now well over the 200 card plateau.   Still plenty more for each to obtain.

Thank you for the trade Edward, the cards are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, March 28, 2020

Serial Saturday #33: The New Normal

I haven't written a post in the past 6 days.  The last one I wrote focused on the trade I made with Gavin.  To be honest, I hadn't felt like writing anything at all this week.

I was hoping this wasn't going to be The New Normal.  Then I went out to Target today.

I dealt with The New Normal at Target.  Let me explain.

I hadn't physically bought any kind of card related product in two weeks.   I skipped the monthly card show right before I went on vacation to South Carolina with my wife.  I had planned this trip since last August so we could celebrate my wife's 65th birthday this past week.   Wanted my wife to be with her brother and sister-in-law, and hopefully get her out for the evening to a nice dinner was the original plan months ago.  The New Normal meant we ordered in pizza on her birthday and spent the evening watching a movie and playing cards.

We left a day early because the planned trip to see her sister on Saturday was cancelled because her husband has been sick for several months, and she didn't want to take the chance of having visitors come and spread something that they may or may not have had.   Totally understandable.  This is The New Normal after all.

Outside of a trip to the grocery store, I spent the next 3 days in my house.  Socially responsible.   The New Normal

Back to work on Wednesday, and when you work for a package delivery company and you've been out for a week and half while the country is turned upside down, you miss a lot.   Wednesday through Friday was spent calling customers that may or may not have shuttered their businesses.

This again, is The New Normal for me.

Move on to today.  I go to Target, do some grocery shopping and decide to pick up a couple of packs of baseball cards.  Kind of jonesing because I hadn't bought anything in two weeks.

I go to the cash register, not self-checkout which was crowded.  I hadn't gone to a regular register there in months, and today reinforced that decision.  As I went from 18ft to 12ft to 6ft to being checked out, I put my items on the belt, and the cashier decides to say after our pleasantries "Oh I see you got your baseball cards huh?" in a sarcastic tone.  Guess because it was a discretionary purchase it was something I shouldn't have picked up.  

The New Normal.

Just to show that this is somewhat of a card related post, here's the serial numbered card I pulled from the two packs of 2020 Donruss.   But that's not what this is all about.

The New Normal meant that I wound up feeling guilty about my purchase.  The New Normal meant I had to keep quiet and not say anything to the cashier even though I was offended by her tone.  The New Normal means that people are on edge now more than ever and even freer to say what they want to say.  But not me.

The New Normal means I have to keep my temper in check.  The New Normal means that card collecting may have changed for me, and a lot of others, for a long time.   The New Normal means that all the trading that I've really enjoyed for the past 19 months has dwindled to nothing, again totally understandable.

I try to keep things positive, it's who I am.   But I really don't like The New Normal.

I need a Remedy.   Hopefully the Black Crowes can help me find one....

Enjoy the hobby, and please be safe!!


Sunday, March 22, 2020

Custom made

I recently finished a trade with long time fellow blogger Gavin, the man with the custom cards that I've always enjoyed receiving with most every envelope he sends me.  Gavin snagged a couple of Fernando Tatis cards that I posted here (the non Tatis cards are still available if anyone is interested) and he found a few cards that definitely worked for my various collections.

Dave Stieb will likely go down as my favorite Blue Jays pitcher of all time, and this States parallel from 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes was one that I did not have.   Although I wonder how this is the States parallel when Ontario is a province...wondering if Panini knows something that the rest of us don't?

This card scanned incredibly well, and looks much better in the scan than it does in hand.  It is from the 2018 Panini Day set, features the Top 100 NFL players for 2018, and Fitzgerald slotted in at #27.  Great addition to the Fitzgerald collection, not the serial #'d out of 99 collection which this would have fit in well with.

There were 3 other cards that went to that part of my collection in the envelope however...

I love all three of these cards, even the Diamond Kings which I've always been a fan of.  Love seeing the Andrew Luck card, as it's always nice to get some star power on the serial #'d/99 collection, and the pair of DK cards featuring a couple of young up and comers, whom I had to look up to see how they are faring in their careers to date.

Frankie Montas is pictured with the White Sox in the Red 2016 DK card on the right, but he's already moved on and spent the past 3 seasons in Oakland after being involved in the 3 team deal that sent Todd Frazier to the White Sox.  Montas had a decent season last year, winning 9 of his 16 starts and had an ERA of 2.63.

Socrates Brito was a name I'd heard of but wasn't too familiar with where he was in the baseball world.  Turns out he spent a few weeks in a Blue Jays uniform last year, and is currently a part of the Pirates organization.  His career average is my desired weight, 179, but hopefully he gets a shot at some playing time in PNC if the season ever gets off the ground.

If only this card was part of the  '78 Topps set.  Can you imagine the demand, and the price tag?

How many of you out there would have guessed that?

  • A) there is over 10K hits featured on this card (10513 to be exact) and …
  • B) Alan Trammell has the fewest hits of the 4?  My guess would have been Whitaker, but Lou had 4 more hits in his career than Trammell
This is a great custom card that I really enjoyed pulling out of this envelope.  Thank you for the trade Gavin, the cards are really appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, March 21, 2020

Trade Week: BaseCardHero

Final post of my week off is another quick one, just 4 cards from 2020 Topps.   3 more base cards knocked off the list by Ryan bring the total on the want list down to 76 cards.

I sent Ryan a bit of set help for the '84 and '78 sets, and along with the 3 cards you see above, I got the '85 version of Sandy Koufax as well:

Doing all right so far with the '85 inserts, 21 of 100 in hand.

I finished writing this the Wednesday past, and as the restrictions start to get tighter, my thoughts are with everyone out there hoping you all are safe and with your families. Be well!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Friday, March 20, 2020

Trade Week: Golfslocum

This is the first pre-post that I've written after all the professional sports leagues have cancelled/postponed their seasons, so I hope that this week's posts have at least given you a moment or two away from the insanity that is going on right now.

I also hope that you and your families are doing well and not stricken down by the virus.  Praying for you all...

OK, onto cards.  I have found another Robert on the TCDB site, and we've already completed 3 trades, this one being the 2nd.  Robert is quite easy going and great to deal with, and this trade netted me 5 cards for some Turkey Reds.

I love the Gallery cards, and while I'm not chasing the set, I'll take any of them that fit into my PC's.  Cutch's card looks great, and the detail is wonderful.   If anyone has the wood bordered version of this, I'd love to have it so please drop me a line.

The Ichiro on the left is the 2nd card I have of him that features the '65T design (the other coincidentally is a Gallery SP), and is from this year's Topps flagship release.   Yes, Ichiro played for the Yankees and Marlins, both neither uniform suits him more than the Mariners.

I haven't kept an accurate tally so far, and I'm writing this before I'll decide to look on the TCDB site, but I believe I'm in the teens now for the '85 Topps inserts from this years set.  Glad to get 3 more big names off the list, although I imagine that the entire list will probably be big names (I haven't taken a good look at it as of yet).  I'm going to try and get a want list up on the blog sometime while I'm away so maybe someone will spot something extra they have and let me know.  

Thank you for the trade(s) Robert, the cards are always appreciated!  Looking forward to the next one.

Enjoy the hobby!


Thursday, March 19, 2020

Trade Week: CardsThatTimeForgot

One of the more interesting screen names I've come across on TCDB is Jim's CardsThatTimeForgot.  In addition, Jim is probably the friendliest person I've come across when it comes to trading for the first time on the site, sending a 4 line intro/trade proposal/I was down in Florida not too long ago to me as part of the trade.  I thought it was awesome, and it made me wonder how many people on the site are really nervous about approaching new trade partners.

Jim knocked off 33 cards from my dwindling 2020 Topps want list, and they got here quickly.

Love the 70's retro Pirates duds.

Oven mitt on Gurriel, just in case he has to take a cake out of the oven

One good thing about cards with no borders?  Don't have to worry about scanning them and cutting off part of the card!!  Honestly, I'm pretty confident now with the scanner/new computer combo, and it's been a breeze getting things scanned the past few weeks.

My favorite card so far from 2020 Topps?  The big hair of Lourdes Gurriel Jr. right at the bottom of the last scan.  Reminds me a bit of the hair that Bryce Harper showed off I think it was on this year's card as well (maybe last year, I'm not 100% sure).

My want list is quickly down into the 70's, and I'm hoping that I can get the set done by the end of April so I don't have to worry about it when Series 2 rolls around.

Thank you for the cards Jim, they are appreciated!

Enjoy the hobby!


Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Trade Week: tenlbpain

We're already half way through trade week and it seems like just a blur.  I'm sure that my liver is working overtime to keep up with the extra alcohol intake that is sure to be happening.

This I believe is my third trade with Nick, and it happened quite quickly as I had notice he had listed some Donruss 2019 FB for trade.  I've found very few trade partners for football on the TCDB site, which for me has been quite surprising.

I do like this set and hope to complete it in the not too distant future, but with the (lack of) speed in which this is happening, I might have to dip into my pocket to finish this up, which I was hoping wouldn't be the case.  I still need 126 out of the 350 card set, so if anyone has any extra cards floating around out there, please check out my want list on the TCDB.

The bigger part of the trade was the hockey portion, specifically a 30 card dent into the 2015-16 OPC set.

It was interesting as I scanned the cards how many players since that year have either moved on to other teams or are out of the NHL already.  Dougie Hamilton has been traded twice already since he started his career in Boston.

Matt Moulson's career hit the brakes when he moved from the Islanders to Buffalo.  It was almost as if the sticks he took with him didn't have any goals in them.  I had no idea he signed as a free agent with the Capitals this past summer, but I haven't seen or heard from him since the season began so I guess that he didn't make the club.

My goodness I had no idea that Nick Bonino was a Canuck!  One season was all it was though, as he left for Pittsburgh for the 15-16 season, and became part of one of the most famous goal calls ever made in the playoffs for his goal against the Sharks.

Last up, I snagged one of the few Mitch Marner cards I have in that PC, the 2019-20 MVP short print.  His cards are going to be crazy expensive because of the crest he wears, so anything I can grab trade wise will be a bonus.

Thank you Nick for the great trade, the cards are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!!


Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Trade Week: RabinFW

This trade was the first time I was fortunate enough to trade with Allen, who PC's Adrian Beltre.  I've had a Allen & Ginter Relic from 2012 sitting in my trade box for quite a while, and Allen was good enough to make me a 4 card offer for it, with a nice mix of vintage of new stuff.

I can honestly tell you that I hadn't heard of Abraham Toro before this trade took place.  You might think that's a lot of bull, but it's the truth.

These sets I like to call the "forgotten 3" of my vintage set building run.  I really haven't added anything of consequence to these 3 sets in the longest time, so whenever I can get anything in trade from these sets, it's always great!  The Matty Alou card has a bit of character to it, some minor creases on the left hand border, and you can see a faded tape stain on the Bill Denehy card with some close inspection, but to me all 3 are great, and they knock each of their respective want lists down by 1.  

Thank you for the trade Allen, hope you enjoy the Adrian Beltre relic!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Monday, March 16, 2020

Trade Week: Sandd0522

Another pre-posted trade for Trade Week today, this time with Steve.  I believe this is the 2nd time I've traded with Steve, both times the trade has gone off really smooth.   I sent Steve 4 Mets cards from the 2016 Gypsy Queen set, including the Michael Conforto RC.  

This is the first trade for me in which I've received cards from the 2020 flagship set, and similar to yesterday's post, I have a full page of cards to show...

I really haven't sat down and decided to write any thoughts about the set this year, so here's my opportunity.   I don't mind it.  So far what I've seen is good, but the feel I get is more of a Bowman kind of look, sort of "Bowmanesque" for lack of a better word.

I like that the old school Milwaukee Brewers logo is being used.  I like that the "bars" with the player's first name and the team name are in the team colors.  The back seems fine; I'm glad that it doesn't contain the players twitter name because I thought that was a little unnecessary even though it fits with the modern social media needs of a lot of fans.

I bought a blaster and maybe 6-7 rack packs of cards, and called it a day for Series 1.  I'm a little over 2/3 of the way complete, needing just over 100 cards to finish off the first half of the set.  I'll trade for the rest of those and probably collect series 2 to go along with it.  It will be the first time I finish the set by hand since 2017, and I'm ok with that.

Thanks for the trade Steve, the cards are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, March 15, 2020

Trade Week: Firemedic1242

While I'm out of town for a week taking a much needed vacation, I'm pre-posting a few trades that I've received over the past couple of weeks.  Today's post is 9 cards from Mike who took a page worth of Braves cards off of my hands and got me a nice start on the 2020 Topps '85 inserts.

I didn't notice at the time of the trade, but the split on the '85s is even, 4 current major leaguers and 4 retired players.   Maybe some time in the future I'll sit down and find the original '85 cards of the retired players and compare them to the current photo.

Just to make sure the page was complete, I also received a 2012 Jim Thome Wal Mart blue parallel to add to that PC, which is up to 567 cards.   I'm sure that there's a ton of base cards and minor parallels on the want list still so hopefully someone can knock a bunch of them off for me and get me to the 600 card plateau.  Almost time to start a 2nd binder!

Thank you for the cards Mike, they really are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!!


Saturday, March 14, 2020

Serial Saturday #33: Poaching

I was going through some of my various boxes of cards and started digging through the Blue Jays collection that I have.  I came upon a couple of cards that fit the #'d/99 collection and decided to poach one collection for another.

The Brett Lawrie rookie throwback refractor goes all the way back to the 2011 Bowman Chrome set, and comes out of the Lawrie collection that I've had for a while...

A little hard to see on the scan, but it's #'d 53/99 and features his stats with Huntsville, which was part of the Milwaukee organization at that time.  Huntsville, AL was the Brewers AA affiliate from 1999-2014, then moved to Biloxi, MS.

Next up I grabbed this 2014 Topps Tribute blue parallel of R.A. Dickey.  I never noticed the diamonds in the background before, but they came out quite nicely on the scan.

The Lawrie and Dickey are cards #40 and 41 in this little collection, which is coming along quite nicely.  I just finished a trade with Gavin that is going to net me a few more.  I honestly thought when I started this project that I'd be limited to hunting these cards down on COMC or at shows.  It amazes me that this will be the 2nd blogger that has sent me cards for this little side collection, and just reinforces my belief that the card blogger community that I'm so thankful to be a part of is incredible.
I have posts automatically set up for the next week while I'm on vacation (at least as of this writing I hope to still be going), so enjoy the trades that have come in for me for the next 7 days.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Thursday, March 12, 2020

Strike while the iron is hot

Haven't posted for a few days, but it's time to get a couple of posts in before I head out for a week (hopefully) of relaxation with some family.

First, have to say it's a crying shame what's going on with this corona virus and how it has affected the sports world over the past couple of days.  I get what's going on and that people want to protect themselves, but we've survived Zika, Ebola and a whole host of other viruses that have come our way in the past couple of decades, so I have no doubt that the brilliant minds out there that handle medicine will come up with a way to control/cure this current strain.  For me, patience is key, and if you know me at all, that's one virtue that I usually lack....

Now back to what everyone comes by for, I just finished a trade with TCDB compatriot Paul (TCDB ID: pjdionne) who was very generous with me, and sent a page worth of cards from sets from the past 3 years.

The Green GQ set build from last year is still going, and these 3 cards bring me just past the 75% mark.  13 of the remaining cards are RC's (surprised there are that many), so it might take me a bit of time to hunt them down, but I believe that the Green set will not take me forever like some other parallel sets I've worked on it the past.

I've tried to strike while the iron is hot and go after the '85 inserts from this years Topps set.  I've made a few trades already for them, most of the 1-4 card variety, but that's OK because it's always about the thrill of the chase, right?  5 more A&G's from 2017 round out the package, including the Warren Spahn SP.  '17 A&G is just over 50% done but that's not a big deal since I'm already 3 years late to the party.

Thank you for the cards Paul, they are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, March 8, 2020

Factory sets: something new for me

So for the first time ever I own a factory set of Topps baseball.  I received this for Christmas this year...

As you can see, it's still sealed.  I've toyed with the idea of opening it since Christmas Day, but the wording on the box is a killer.

Includes 1 Exclusive Chrome Rookie Image Variation Card
700 Cards Includes series 1&2 plus 5 Rookie Image Variation Cards.
Temptation is going to get the better of me.  So let's do it.   Cracking the box.  So when I first open it I notice that the variation cards and the chrome are separated and at the end of the box.  Makes my life a whole lot easier!

The Chrome card is the same one that is pictured on the box, Fernando Tatis Jr.  Not sure if it's supposed to be that way, but no worries here.

Nice photo of him getting his wrists taped up and ready for battle.  Next I see the 5 card pack in clear cellophane, and look who's sitting right on top.

 Yep, that certainly made my day!!  Now I must crack the pack open and see the rest inside.

One thing I do like before I move on to showing off the other 4 cards, is the back.  A little difference below the card number that I definitely like...

Love how it shows "complete sets" below the card #.  Makes it easy for a rookie like me to spot the difference.  I'll give kudos to Topps for doing that.  Topps also didn't just use any rookies for the photo variations, they included 4 other big names along with VGJR.

No Polar Bears last year

So after scanning all these and placing them in sleeves/top loaders, I start to look through the factory set.  Remember, this is the first one I've owned, so this is all new to me.   Here's what I noticed...

  • The cards are out of numerical order.  Weird.  But I'm pretty sure I remember that someone has mentioned this on the blogs before with past factory sets.
  • Aaron Judge, card # 150 was at the beginning.  VGJR, card #700 was at the end.  
  • The cards were also put into the box kind of funky.  10 cards up, 10 cards down.  2 blocks of 60 cards, one in the middle and one at the end, were all in the same direction.  
Still, this was fun to open and look through, and now I have some rookie card variations that hopefully someone will want to trade for.  

Enjoy the hobby!!


Thursday, March 5, 2020

How would you "grade" this?

OK, I've done enough trade posts and I bought this off of COMC or Sportlots or wherever to last me a while.  I have had this card on my desk for a week or two now, and thought a lot about it.

Let me correct myself first, this is one of the cards from my last COMC order.  It is a checklist card and was something I bought when I was hitting up team checklists from a couple of baseball sets I'm working on.   It cost me just 57 cents, but I've done more thinking on this particular card over the past few days, than most of the other cards I own, surprisingly so.   Let me tell you why.

First, let's introduce you to the card.  1978-79 OPC hockey card # 297.

Not a bad looking checklist if you ask me.  Normal rough edge OPC cut, not something to be terribly concerned with.  80-20 centering, roughly?  Not a huge deal either, right?

Here's the back.

Almost the exact same on the back, centering, edges, etc.  I liked this card so much that I thought 57 cents was a steal to be honest.

Now here comes my question.

How would you grade this card?  I know a lot of us out there when picking up older cards at shows or online, get a first impression on a card and say "that card to me is (insert grade)".

Why have I brought this up?  Well, on COMC this card was graded "poor to fair".  To me, that's a bit off.  Yes, I'm sure that the big thing on this is that the boxes are marked.  But look at it.  Both sides.

I think that the person who originally marked this card took good care to mark it so that it didn't look shabby.  To me, the only "poor" part is that the collector didn't get the Bill McKenzie (front) or the Jim Roberts (back) cards marked.   To think he was 2 cards away!!

Would love to hear your comments about this.   Give me your first instinct, how would you grade this and why.  I'm on the VG level for this card.  But that's me.

Enjoy the hobby!


Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Royals doubles

While surfing card twitter one night last week, I came across a conversation between AJ from the Lost Collector blog and Matt (Twitter ID:@jmswyo) talking about TCDB and how Matt had just started on there.

Matt's a KC Royals collector, so I interjected my 2 cents and advised him that there may be a few Royals on my trade list he might need.   Next day, I had an offer waiting for me.  Nice!

No doubt that these 4 cards are doubles, as I'm sure I wouldn't have them if that weren't the case.

Nice vintage mix here!  All of them in nice shape, nothing too glamorous but definitely good enough for this guy.  Jim Campanis from the '70 set is especially good since his card # 671 is one of those dreaded high numbers I'll need to start chasing eventually (there's 86 of them...ugh!).  Two '72s and a '69 rounded out the vintage.

I really need to get back on the '69 train eventually, I love that set very much but have been slow to get rolling on it.  I just hit the 200 card mark this week.

Even the Ichiro Matt sent me is blue!!

I'm glad that I've finally figured out the scanning problems...love this scan!
2016 Gypsy Queen blue framed parallel in hand brings the Ichiro collection up to 243 cards, a mere blip on the mega amount of cards that he has out there.   I'm still having fun though adding cards here and there of the superstar.  One day I'll have to maybe pick up an auto or a jersey card or two.  His is the largest player PC I have that doesn't contain a hit.

Matt's TCDB ID is the same as his twitter, jmswyo, and he comes recommended highly.  Thank you for the cards Matt, they are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Tuesday, March 3, 2020

2 by 2

It's been a pattern lately.  Trades, or generous offerings, coming in PWE's that contain just 2 cards.  People say size matters, and it does to some, but you know what, sometimes smaller offerings can make a difference as well.

Two cards, from two different bloggers, via two different methods of communication.  Too much!!

Another quick trade with Colbey from the Cardboard Collections blog netted me a pair of the 1985 Topps inserts from this year's set.  Try not to ugh too loudly, but after a failed attempt to chase the 1984 inserts from last year (failed meaning never got started after I said I would), I've put up a want list for the '85s on TCDB.

Yes, it is adding more to the already bloated amount of cards that I want, but I've been so happy with the number of sets I've knocked off so far this year, that I decided to add something a little frivolous.

Scanner skills quickly improving!!

My man Jon from the Penny Sleeves blog sent me a message on Twitter asking if I needed the T.Y. Hilton barber pole parallel from 2015 Prizm.  Of course I needed it, I still only have about 60 cards for Hilton, so Jon said he'd find something else and send it off to me.

Little did I know, Jeremy Lin #'d to 99 on the left of the scan would be the mate in the envelope.  The 14-15 Artist Proof from Hoops becomes the 39th card in the #'d to 99 PC, much better than I ever thought I'd do so soon.

Colbey and Jon, thank you both very much for the cards, they really are appreciated!

Enjoy the hobby!!


Monday, March 2, 2020

3 down, 7 to go

Part of the COMC order that I've talked about for a couple of days was the final 14 cards from the 1983 Topps baseball set.  This falls inline with my first of the year post which defined the order of my set completions for 2020.

I started putting the cards away before realizing that I needed to write this post, so I took a half dozen of the cards that were still out and gave them a quick scan...

Not too bad a group of 6 cards, wouldn't you say?   As with most of the sets that I have that are close to the finish, most of the remaining cards are of the star variety.  All Stars in 3 cases here.

Now that '83 is complete, the next two sets in order are also very close to completion.   Both of them were also part of this COMC order.

More stars as part of the '79 final countdown, as I bought a dozen of these.  I'm finally down to just one card to finish up this set, and that's the Ozzie Smith RC.  By the time this posts, I may have already bought it, depending on whether I can find one online for a good price.  I don't want to have to wait until the monthly card show in 2 weeks to finish this off.

Once I get Ozzie bought, I'll go after the final two cards of....

2012-13 O-Pee-Chee hockey.  I've been trying to knock down the want lists of the remaining sets in the list of 10 while finishing the sets at the top.  These 4 SPs leave me with just 2 to go, both of them fairly inexpensive so once I complete the next order on COMC, I'll have 5 out of the 10 completed.

Two months into 2020, I'm very happy with how I've progressed so far.  Staying on course has always been difficult for me, as I just end up finding so many distractions.

We'll see what happens when it's '73 Topps' turn to be finished...

Enjoy the hobby!!


Sunday, March 1, 2020

A piece here, a piece there, and a six pack

First off, wanted to bring up my recent experience with COMC.  I had mentioned previously that I sent a question regarding the shipment (or lack of) of my cards.  I did mention that COMC managed to get my cards out the same day that I sent my follow up request, so no worries there.  Now, interesting to me was how it arrived to my house.

The order was just over 50 cards.  I've ordered this amount a couple of times in the past, and received a bubble mailer.  It's what you would expect, as the order wasn't really that large.  But much to my surprise, when I opened the mail box on Friday and found a box of cards.  A 400 count box!!  A bit of overkill in my opinion, maybe they felt bad and sent a box as a gesture.  I don't know, but I guess I can count myself lucky to have an extra storage box.

As what's going to be the norm of my future COMC purchases, I've begun picking at some sets.  Card by card, one each from the following sets...

1959 Topps.  Still a long way to go, 95 cards to finish the set.  But I don't expect to finish this off for quite a while, so 1 at a time is good enough for me.  Orlando Pena cost me just 89 cents, which is probably cheaper than most of the other cards I need to finish the set.  But buying one at a time keeps the set in my mind until I get around to focusing more on it.

1972 Topps still has over 300 cards on my want list, but I've heard all the "watch out for the pricey higher numbered cards" discussions, so I figured I'd start in at least on the semi-high numbers.  Chuck Dobson cost me only 65 cents, and again, sticking with one of these per order until I get around to working on this will reduce the want list, even if it is only gradually.

Now the Dave Winfield RC you see here didn't cost me less than a buck, but for just under $15 I have the other big rookie card I needed for my '74 Topps set.  There aren't any really high $ RC's left on my 85 card want list (Bucky Dent and Manny Trillo are the only "names" left), but there's plenty of star power on the list still to pick up.  This is on the radar during 2020 and there's only a handful of sets to go before we focus on this one...

1976 Topps is next up, and as you'll see tomorrow, '83T is done, and I've also finished '79T and 2012-13 OPC hockey this weekend.  Aside from the Monge/Lerch RC in the upper right corner, lots of big names on these 6 cards, and there's still a few more names to go.  But with just 13 cards to go, I'm hoping to have this done by the time the April card show rolls around.  Once this is done, then it's time for '73 Topps.

Oh baby....

Enjoy the hobby!!