Friday, January 1, 2021

Fill in the holes

In the pasts, my January 1st posts have been somewhat elaborate, meaning its me trying to get things done collecting wise in my own weird and warped way.

Well, 2020 pretty much wore me out.  4 posts in December proved that.  

In 2021, I'm going to try and keep it simple.  Try to keep the laughter to a minimum.

I've only had 3 ideas on what to do for collecting cards this year.  That's easy, right?  Without further adieu, here's my to do list for 2021.

1.  Keep trading on TCDB.

Simple enough.  Would like to hit the 100-150 trade range again this year as I have the past 2 years.  I've dealt with a lot of great collectors/traders on the site, as well as some bloggers that have joined over the past year or two.  

I'm at 363 completed transactions on the site...hitting the 500 mark this year is an attainable goal.  Let's leave it at that.

2.  Finish "the Next 10"

I really enjoyed focusing on building sets in 2020 and finishing the first 10 was fun to document.  I've already completed 2 of the Next 10; I've learned that completing some of these sets is going to be a bit of a task what with the insane amount of SPs and the prices that they are going for.  You'll probably hear some wincing from me as I attempt to find Josh Allen and Baker Mayfield RCs for the 2018 Panini Prestige set that I want to complete.

My birthday is in late October, I'll make it reasonably easy on myself and say that I'll have the Next 10 done by then.

3.  Fill in the holes

I have quite a few vintage sets right now that I'm working on.  1968-1972 Topps baseball.  1971-72 OPC hockey.  As I've traded for/purchased cards for each of these sets, my enjoyment of them has increased.  

They are in varying states of completion, anywhere from 30-60% done.  They're all in pages and binders.

Now what I want to do is start to fill in the holes.  Here's a couple of examples from 1972 Topps to illustrate.

The top scan is page 4 of the set (Cards 27-36) and as you can see, card #33 is missing.  The infamous Billy Martin flipping the bird card. 

The bottom scan is page 5.  Card 38 which features Carl Yastrzemski is missing.  

These are the kinds of holes that I want to start filling.  Not all the pages are just missing 1 card.  Some are missing 2, some get the idea.

Over all the vintage sets that I'm building, I'd like to fill 150 pages total this year.  There's also '59 Topps baseball on my plate.   Maybe I'll even shoot for a few pages of '79 Topps football as well.  

It wouldn't be a new year without at least a couple of resolutions for me to tackle, right?!

To all the great folks out there that I've traded with and spoken with that have survived 2020, I wish you all a very safe and prosperous 2021.

Happy New Year!  Robert