Monday, March 18, 2019

Cricuts and crickets

OK, yes, it's been 10 days since I've posted on the blog.   To be honest, I've had not much to say lately that's been worth writing.   Kind of like hearing crickets...

To be honest, I've been putting off this post for some unknown reason for over a week.  To tell the whole story though, I need to go back to Christmas.

My wife, who supports my hobby madness fabulously, is very creative and crafty.  On her Christmas list this year was gift cards to Jo-Ann Fabrics so she could save up for a machine that is called a Cricut (pronounced cricket).  It helps print all kinds of different stuff, very creatively I might add (which you're going to see very soon).

Well, when I found out what it could do, and that the price was reasonable, I went ahead and bought her the machine so she didn't have to wait.

A couple of weeks ago I decided that I was tired of trying to figure out which binder was which on my shelves.  My writing was so small on the cards inside the plastic sleeve(and messy) that I always strained my eyes to see. So, I asked her to update my binder spines using her Cricut.

 Oh my, I can see them now!! 

As you can see I have various colored binders, so she was able to adapt the color of the material to contrast with the binder color.   I have a couple of 1" binders as well (not shown here), but they also turned out great.  I can find things so much easier now.  For maybe $5 worth of materials, and a couple of hours of time, my binders look super!

What's great is if I ever decide to change what's inside the binder, the letters will peel off with no damage to the binder, and I know this because we made a mistake which needed to be fixed.

Now all I have to do is finish some of these sets to show off what's in the binders....

Thanks for reading!!


Thursday, March 7, 2019


Before you read any further, there are no naked women or anything that could be labelled pornographic at all in this post.  If you were hoping for that, you can leave now.

(Hears all the mouse clicks and browsers moving on....)

OK, now that all the riff raff have left, this post documents my 20th trade on the TCDB site in 2019.  I mentioned in yesterday's post that I had put up want lists for a couple of early 90's hockey sets that I'd put on the back burner.   Today's cards come from another set that I had long abandoned.

2008 Upper Deck X was a set that I had a fascination with quite a few years ago, but quickly abandoned it as I wasn't able to get any trades/cards come my way.   I found the cards I had a few days ago, and decided to put them up on TCDB.

Quickly, I found a trade partner, a new one to be exact in Pat (TCDB ID: itsjustoldcardboard) and struck up a deal trading off some of the Magnificent Moons cards from '18 A&G for these 5 cards.

Hey, it's 5 more X's than I pulled a few years ago the first time around.  Still need 65 more to go, but finding these quickly gives me a bit of hope that I can find some more over time.  

It is exciting for me to find new trade partners, and I'm sure Pat probably was happy getting these cards out of his house for some cards that he could use.

I know I feel that way...

Thanks for the trade Pat, look forward to many more!

Thanks for reading!


Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Deep Pockets

Received a couple more trades in this week, including one today from new trade partner Greg (TCDB ID:  Thick McRunfast) who also writes the blog Nine Pockets .  Greg is a relatively new blogger with just 10 posts so far, but is much like me in that he will write about hockey and baseball cards. 

This was kind of a lopsided trade in terms of numbers, as I sent Greg just a trio of cards while receiving quite the bounty of hockey cards in return.

I recently added a couple of early 90's OPC sets to my TCDB want list.  Both of them have been on the shelf for a very long time but recently during the ongoing process of adding cards to the site and trying to clean up everything in general.  91-92 OPC Premier is 7 cards closer to completion, along with a couple more Keith Tkachuk cards to add to his PC (which is growing nicely).

Another want list that was added was the 90-91 OPC set, which is now 7 cards lighter.  I had this on the blog want list up until about a year ago and removed it as it really wasn't moving anywhere.  Along with those 7 is a pair of 86-87 OPC cards, including a 2nd year Kevin Dineen and current Sabres coach Phil Housley.  86-87 OPC is almost 1/4 complete now.

I've mentioned the 84-85 OPC set on the blog quite a bit lately, maybe to the point that guys are sending me cards to help me right the wrong I committed by selling my completed set many years ago.   9 more cards off the want list have me approaching 150 of the 396 card set in hand. 

I've seen a couple of Steve Yzerman RC's at about 50% of the normal book price on ebay lately and it makes me wonder if I pick one of those up for cheap that this set might have a chance to be completed this year.   We shall see...

I seem to be getting one card from the 85-86 OPC set in the house every month.  I have 12 now that Mike Ramsey is in hand.  I figure with 252 cards to go, one card a month will have the set complete by the time I turn 72 years of age.  Hopefully I'll still be able to see and also be sane enough to enjoy it by then....

As a bonus card, Greg threw in this Netminders insert from the 93-94 Fleer Powerplay set.   I may have one or 2 of the Powerplay cards around the house somewhere, but for the most part have shied away from it due to its size.  No matter, I love the addition to the Felix Potvin PC, which is lower down the totem pole, but new cards are always welcome.

Thank you for the cards Greg, they are appreciated.  Look forward to more trades!!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, March 4, 2019

Another repeat customer

I haven't bought a whole lot of packs of cards since the beginning of the new year.  I have bought a couple of hanger boxes of this year's flagship product, which I still need to put a post together for. 

In the meantime, I received another trade in the mail today (#17 so far this year), from repeat trade partner Hal (TCDB ID:  ToppsrBest).

Hal chipped away at a couple of want lists the same way northerners are chipping away the ice and snow this year.   Seeing all the weather reports about what's happening this year with the cold and snow up north make me glad I decided to move south a few years back....

Still a lot of commons needed from the '79 set, but the want list is slowly dwindling as the set approaches 60% complete.  The only player I don't remember from this lot of 6 would be Bob Molinaro of the White Sox, likely because he was a part time player for most of his career.  Most of the games played during his 10 year career were during the 78 & 80 seasons with the White Sox.

My '78 set has many more cards needed to complete it, but these 9 help that cause.  Love the look of Bill North in the lower right corner; the bright yellow jersey/pullover with the yellow polo collar underneath looks sharp.  1978 would be the last season that Bill was an A, as he was traded part way through the season for Glenn Burke.  Bill would sign a free agent contract with the Giants after that season and spend his final three years by the bay. 

Hopefully a few cards warmed your heart this evening...

Thanks for the trade Hal, look forward to the next one.

Thanks for reading!


Saturday, March 2, 2019

I really Doug this PWE

A few days ago a PWE with no return address showed up in my mailbox.   I wasn't expecting anything at all from north of the border, but when I saw the postmarked city, I knew that this envelope was going to be great.

Doug from Sportscards from the Dollar Store sends me great stuff every once in a while, and this envelope was no exception.

All but one of the cards in the envelope featured Maple Leafs from various years and sets.  Love the top row, all Artifacts from this year, which is good because this is the first year in a long time that I hadn't bought any Artifacts blasters or packs.  Middle row features a pair of Glenn Anderson cards from his brief tenure as a Leaf, and a 09-10 OPC short print featuring Doug Gilmour.  Need it!
Bottom row features a couple from this year's UD series 1, neither of which I own, and a high number 09-10 OPC rookie of Viktor Stalberg.  I knew that Stalberg had bounced around the NHL the past few years, but I had no idea where he is now.   Stalberg is in the KHL with Avangard Omsk, teammates with a player he was traded for by the Leafs, Kris Versteeg.

More OPC goodness from the 09-10 set up top; 4 out of the 5 I needed for the set build (Jason Blake goes into the Leaf portion of the pile).  I don't recall if I have any of the Maple Leafs Centennial cards, but I'd seen them on blogs and on Twitter and really liked the look of them.  Now I have Bill Berg and Freddie Modin from that set.   I believe I already have Mitch Marner's card from this year's OPC, so he'll go into the Leaf pile.   Mikhail Grabovsky is a retro from the 09-10 OPC set as well.  Retro's are something I'll never turn down....

Two cards that I could never find down here in S. Florida finish off the post.  The William Nylander card is from the 17-18 Upper Deck MJ Holdings set (video on You Tube here), while the Joe Sakic card was part of the 2015 National Hockey Card Day in Canada.   Both of them are great additions to my collection. 

Thank you as always Doug, the cards are really appreciated (especially those that I'd never see here)!

Thanks for reading!