Sunday, September 19, 2021

Hail Murray

Slowly knocking down the final few remaining cards from the 2019 Donruss FB set over the past couple of weeks.  This week's acquisition was the most expensive of the final 4, Kyler Murray of the Arizona Cardinals.

It took a few weeks of patience before I was able to grab a copy for just $20, about a third less than most of the cards I had seen on eBay.  Have 5 cards still to come my way, one of them from eBay which is taking its own sweet time (Daniel Jones) while the other 4 are still on the COMC wait list.

Speaking of wait lists...

well apparently I'm unable to screen grab my current place in line on the COMC website, so here it is in long form:

Date Requested:  7/3/21
Estimated Ship Date:  10/4/21
Items Ahead of My Order:  313,707

Each day this week, the estimated ship date has moved back one day, starting the week at 9/30 and moved slowly towards the original estimated ship date of 10/25.

October 4th is 2 weeks from Monday and I'm not very confident about them getting the cards picked and packed by then.   Still a wait and see game.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Card show math

My back has been pretty sore the last couple of days, so I delayed writing this post until this afternoon so I could spend some time in my office chair without wincing too much in pain.

The other day I showed off the Saturday card show goodies (Earl Campbell RC and others), but I think I did a lot better on Sunday.

A lot of that feeling comes to some card show math that I enjoy experiencing when I hit the right table.  Case in point.

These were all listed for a dollar.  Del Unser RC.  '78 Walter Payton rushing leaders.  Hal McRae RC.  7 x $1= $7

These 3 were $2 apiece.  Earl Campbell's 79 Topps record breaker card to go along with the Rookie I bought on Saturday.  The '71 HR leaders card was needed and for $2 was gladly added to the pile.  The '69 Bunning wasn't the only Bunning in the pile.

3 x $2= $6   Now a running total of $13

This 6 pack was $3 apiece.  Amazing that I found a '59 Topps high number card of Ken Boyer for just $3!  The top of Bunning's 59 Topps card was cut off on the scan, but it was a nice add for the price.  I saw the '75 O. J. Simpson card, realized that I don't own any of his cards, so it went in the pile.

6 x $3= $18.  Running total of $31

Anything of Ted Williams in this decent shape for $5 is certainly worth it.  It's even better when I needed it for the '69 Topps set.

Total is now $36.

I handed the stack to the dealer, and started looking inside his display case to see if there was anything there that was reasonably priced that I could add to the half dozen vintage sets I'm working on.

I saw this card...

I figured to myself, if the price was right, then I'd add this card to the pile and call it a day.   It was listed at $20 in the case.

Dealer gave me back the stack and said

$20.   Wow.  

Instantly I said, "I'll take the '59 Whitey Ford as well."

$40 spent, I was happy and quickly called it a day.   I didn't think I could do any better and my back was also telling me to go home.

You gotta love the card show math.

Enjoy the hobby!!


Saturday, September 4, 2021

Card show spoils

I was quite surprised hitting the card show today and finding it as empty as it was.  When my buddy Chris and I were leaving, a quick glance told me that there were more dealers in the location than customers.  I thought that it would have been busier since it was the long weekend and people were advised not to travel as much, but I guess a lot of people didn't follow the memo and did their Labor Day weekend thing.

I have another show tomorrow in West Palm Beach, which I will attend because I'm curious to see what the attendance will be like there.  

Today's show wasn't bad though, there were a few recognizable faces on the other side of the table.  I hit 2 of them and came home with some player collection cards and 1 key rookie card that I stumbled upon.

Still figuring out the new flatbed scanner as the cheap ass all in one printer scanner that I had decided to die a few weeks ago.  I'm very happy with the new scanner so far though as it is quite fast and is compact enough that I can keep it on the desk right next to me which makes it easier and quicker to scan cards.   The 5 Fitzgerald cards were either 1 or 2 bucks apiece, a pair of them being serial #'d/99 and the Xtra Points in the upper left #'d to 100.  Fitz's collection is now up to a solid 430 cards.

I haven't bought anything Joe Sakic related in months, so when I came across a jersey card for $8, I decided to pounce.  The back of this card said that he wore this jersey in 99-00 which was the season that he crossed the 1000 point plateau.  

I certainly didn't head to the show looking to find an Earl Campbell RC from the '79 Topps set.  I was actually asking around for a Kyler Murray RC from 2019 Donruss when I stumbled upon this card.  There's a printing dot in the middle of his hair, but for $20 I felt I couldn't leave it at the show.  I'm just 1/4 through the '79 set, but getting the biggest name RC in the set this early was a bonus.  There are a fair number of $10+ cards in the set, but I'm sure with some patience and digging I'll find them all at a better price and knock this set out relatively quickly.  

Looking forward now to tomorrow's show and what spoils it will bring.  Now that I have a new scanner I can get posting some more (hopefully).

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, August 15, 2021

One at a time, slowly but surely, the '59 Topps want list is dropping

This seems to be the M.O. lately, pick up a card for more than a quarter, it gets its own post.  Jerry Rice was yesterday, today this post is about Richie Ashburn, card #300 from the '59 Topps set.

I picked this up for $7 on eBay this past week and it arrived yesterday.  I didn't know much at all about Richie and kind of wondered why his cards were in the 7-15 dollar range on the site.   So I turned over the card and looked at the back...

That man, right there, is a hitter.  Love the cartoon up top saluting his 4 four hit games in '58.  Seeing this card back made me go to the baseball reference website to get a look at his career numbers.

Right off the bat, Hall of Fame.  Didn't know that.  

5 times he had 90 or more walks, led the NL 4 times.   Impressive

Twice led the NL in triples, 3 times in double digits in that stat.   Speed to burn, which makes sense since he played centerfield for his entire career.  

His biggest home run output?  7, in his final season that he played with the NY Mets in 1962.   Short fences?

Only struck out 50 times in a season once.   That's it.  He walked a little over 2 times for every strikeout during his entire career.  You will not see that from today's players.  

I love learning about players like this, great bat, not much power, get on base a lot (.396 career OBP).  

Just 62 cards to go to finish the set.  I'm going to be optimistic and say I'll have this one done sometime in 2022.

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, August 14, 2021

Patience pays off

I've been digging away at a lot of different want lists lately.  '59 Topps, the run of Allen & Ginter sets and so on.  I have even made a nice start on the '79 and '81 Topps football sets, knocking out almost 25% of each in the past few months.

But '86 Topps football has largely gone to the wayside, largely because the set is almost done.  Some of the cards are in COMC purgatory, which is fine as it appears that the site is making strides in getting caught up with shipments.

The big piece that I've been looking to purchase as cheaply as possible is the Jerry Rice rookie card.  I kind of relegated myself to paying at least $75 or more as that's all I've seen on eBay for the past few months.   Then this copy showed up:

You can see instantly in the corners that a lot of the green has "disappeared" for the lack of a better word.   But I took a long look at the card, decided that this set was being collected because I loved the look of it and not for the investment and pulled the trigger on the purchase.

The big reason why?   It was only $25.

I'd been looking somewhat actively for the past 2+ months for this card.   Then this one drops in my lap.  Credit to the seller for being what I say is spot on with the price considering the condition.  

Patience has paid off for me many times.  I'm hoping that it continues as I work towards finishing some other sets.

Enjoy the hobby!!