Thursday, January 26, 2023

Pink footballs

I'm sure you've looked at a set that you've started collecting and identified a certain aspect of it that you like.  Since I've recently started collecting the 1970's Topps football sets, I have found a lot to like.  One of the more interesting sets for me is the '77 set.

This was part of a Browns lot that I purchased from show in Port St. Lucie last month.  It only cost a dollar which I thought was a good deal, even without looking at the want list.  These three cards out of the 7 I bought were doubles.  Not a bad score.

But the most interesting thing for me regarding this set is the backs of the cards.  Pink footballs.

OK, so maybe not pink.  Magenta, or fuchsia, or one of the other fancy names for what this color is.  For some reason, this color and card back stands out more than the other 70's set for me.  Easy to read stats and biographies make this a set that I'll enjoy for years to come.  I'm a little over 45% done with it, and I hope that it will be an easy set to complete.   It's probably the only set right now that I'll be able to identify by the backs more easily than the fronts.


Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Desk cleaning continued--Jumbo Pickles

The tiniest of piles meant digging out the 100-count plastic card holder that I have in plastic tub that is full of cards on the closet floor.  That 100-count holder contains 70 cards from a set that for over 4 years I have desired to put together yet have been very slow to do so.

I acquired this pair in a trade a few weeks ago, cards 69 and 70 towards the 600-card retro parallel set.  Both players were a pivotal part of the Stanley Cup Final run that the Sharks had a few years ago, and I decided to use their nicknames as part of the title.  "Jumbo" Joe Thornton (a really big man) and Marc-Edouard Vlasic, nicknamed pickles because of his last name were two cards that I felt like showing off from the cardboard jungle that is slowly evaporating from my desk.

Don't read a lot into 2 posts in 2 days, I have a bit of time on my hands for a few days.  


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Trying to clean the desk off a bit

Over the past couple of months, I've done well with accumulating cards.  I've done poorly with putting them away where they belong, whether it be binders, boxes or anything else that might hold them in place for a time.

As the desk slowly becomes less cluttered, I found a trio of cards worth showing in a post.

1979 Topps Walter Payton record breaker card.  I honestly believe that Payton's cards are quite undervalued.  I found this in a $5 box at a show in December and I couldn't put it in my pile fast enough.  I'm already halfway through the '79 set and have had a lot of fun looking at a lot of the cards so far.

One of the first sets I remember purchasing packs of at the corner store, 1975-76 OPC is not the flashiest of sets.  I do look forward to starting to get a few more cards from this set down the road.  Seeing Billy Smith actually with a posed picture instead of "Battling Billy" in front of his net chopping down an opponent with his stick, or a well-placed blocker shot, is pretty cool.

This '69 Topps Curt Flood came via trade; this is the 8th of the All-Star cards from the set that I own.  I'm approaching the 500-card plateau for the set; I just need 4 more cards to get there.  

The desk actually is starting to look decent, I've left around 6 or 7 piles of cards I need to put away.  With the Mrs. away this week I've got a good chance of finishing this little project.


Saturday, January 14, 2023

Pour some Sugar on me (and my collection)

Hopeless attempt at making a title relevant to one of the cards in this post.  But on a little binge spend a few weeks back on eBay, one of my favorite sellers The Battersbox had a big sale.  A lot of great stuff for just $1.

So I found a few cards that weren't in my collecting wheelhouse, but they made a nice addition to my collection at such a cheap price.  A pair of '59 Topps football cards were part of the purchase.  I've never heard of either player, such as Leo Sugar and....

Art Spinney of the Colts but adding them into the collection for cheap was easy.  The '59 Topps football set is just 176 cards in size, so now that I have 1/88 th of set, maybe one day I'll add some more.

I'm having fun picking up a few vintage football cards, nothing extravagant but I'm enjoying adding some new content to my collection, and the blog.

Even the wife is cracking jokes at the lack of production on the blog.  We'll see if it spurs a little more writing.


Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Minister of Defense

Short and sweet post.  1986 Topps football is done, thanks to Reggie White card #275.  

Working on many other sets.   Will post when I can.  As you saw because of work the last 2 months was non-existent as far as posting.  No promises made as to when the next ones may come.