Sunday, January 26, 2020

Gotta love the quick and easy trades

Another couple of trades came in yesterday, one was via the blog, and the other was with fellow TCDB trader Jimmy (TCDB ID: torcato).  Jimmy sent me 7 cards that hit various want lists, and as always was fast and friendly with the trade.

I've probably added more cards to my Jim Thome collection in the past month than I had in the past 12 months.  Finally getting around to adding the cards/want list onto the TCDB site I'm sure had a great deal to do with that.  There's still quite a few base cards to obtain for Thome, as well as the Larry Fitzgerald.   Love the look of the 2007 SPx base card; I still don't have a lot of the cards from the 2000's for Fitz, I'd love to add more of them over time.

Here's the horizontal portion of the trade, a Stadium Club Power Zone insert from 2018 featuring Andrew McCutchen whose collection is approaching the 200 card mark.  Was also happy to see another card for my buddy Chris' 83 Topps FB set, which I posted about last Wednesday .  There's still 77 cards on the want list, so if you have any doubles hiding away you're looking to trade, let me know!

2 more Ichiro's and a 2nd McCutchen round out the trade.  Never heard that Chrome had an update set (shows how much Chrome packs I buy) until I grabbed these 2 cards on this trade.  Still need a lot of Topps Heritage cards for most of my player collections, both base and Chrome parallels, so it's good when I see any of them come by. 

Thank you for the trade Jimmy, the cards are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Serial Saturday #29: A couple of numbered cards for the player collections

A pretty slow week around the house trade wise, and card wise.  I put $40 into my COMC account and bought a few cards for the '79 set, along with the Dave Winfield RC from '74 Topps.  I probably will not see those until some time in February, so let's move on with the one trade envelope that I did get in the past few days.

Traded with a newer TCDB member Bob (TCDB ID:abide), a quick 4 for 2 swap.   I sent off a Kris Bryant manupatch card and a serial numbered card from the Astros and received a pair of Ichiro cards and a pair of Jim Thome cards.

2 serial #'d cards, one for each player, and that's what we'll show today.

A slight crease in the upper right corner was a bit of a bummer, but it's still nice to have an older Ichiro card, this being a 2005 UD Gold exclusives parallel, 54/99.  It's only the 2nd card I have of Ichiro numbered to less than 100, so it is a nice add for sure!  My Ichiro collection is now up to 225 cards, a drop in the bucket for him as he has 16,943 cards listed on the TCDB website.  

I didn't discover these Topps Co-Signers cards until a few years after I started blogging back in 2011, but I kind of developed a soft spot for them.  Lots of foil, and as you can see, Paul Konerko is kind of washed out with the scan.  But the serial numbering is my weakness as you all know, and having one of just 175 copies is always a plus for me. 

I'll look to add more of these serial numbered Co-Signers cards to my collection over time. 

I now have 524 cards in my Thome collection, which only trails Joe Sakic in my player collection counts.  I'm not actively seeking them out for purchase, but I'll add them here and there via trades as time goes along.

Enjoy the hobby!


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Want list Wednesday: 1983 Topps Football

I'm actually going off the board for this post.   When I say off the board, I mean that I'm writing this post for someone else's want list.

I built about 80% of this set for a buddy of mine for Christmas this year, and I'm hoping that I can get some more cards for him just by reaching out to the masses.  The list is 78 cards in length.

1 Ken Anderson RB
3 Dan Fouts RB
4 Joe Montana RB
5 Mark Moseley RB
8 John Riggins RB
10 1982 NFC Championship (Already on it's way)
12 Super Bowl XVII
16 Bobby Butler
29 Brian Baschnagel
32 Noah Jackson
33 Jim McMahon RC
34 Emery Moorehead
36 Walter Payton
38 Mike Singletary RC
41 Otis Wilson RC
46 Tony Dorsett
47 Tony Hill
50 Harvey Martin
53 Ron Springs
56 Danny White
70 Billy Sims
101 Randy Holloway
108 Rickey Young
117 George Rogers
120 Butch Woolfolk
126 Mark Haynes
128 Dave Jennings
133 Lawrence Taylor
141 Dennis Harrison
142 Ron Jaworski
147 Max Runager
157 Elois Grooms
165 Randy Cross
168 Ronnie Lott
169 Joe Montana
174 James Wilder
177 Neal Colzie
186 John Riggins
189 Vernon Dean
190 Joe Jacoby
193 Rich Milot
194 Mark Moseley
198 John Riggins
202 1982 Passing Leaders
205 1982 Scoring Leaders
230 Pete Johnson
235 Cris Collinsworth
240 Anthony Munoz
254 Ozzie Newsome
263 Rulon Jones RC
271 Gifford Nielsen
284 Joe Delaney
293 Marcus Allen TL
294 Marcus Allen RC
297 Cliff Branch
299 Ray Guy
302 Ted Hendricks
316 Don McNeal RC
321 Don Strock
323 David Woodley
327 Rich Camarillo
329 Steve Grogan
334 Stanley Morgan
336 Kenneth Sims
347 Marty Lyons
353 Richard Todd
356 Gary Anderson RC
358 Terry Bradshaw
362 Franco Harris
363 Jack Lambert
366 John Stallworth
372 James Brooks
374 Dan Fouts
377 Charlie Joiner
389 Steve Largent
393 Jim Zorn
395 Checklist 133-264

The fact that I typed this all out instead of copy and pasting off of a website hopefully shows how much I'd like to get some or all of these cards for my buddy.

Let me know in the comments what you have (if any).  Thanks for looking...

Enjoy the hobby!


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Maybe this set should have been one of the 10

At the beginning of the month, I wrote a post about the next 10 sets that I planned to finish to start 2020.  So far, I've done well sticking to that plan, as I've finished the first 2 (81 & 82 Topps), I'm closing in on the 3rd (83 Topps) and I'm picking up cards here and there for some of the others on the list.

But, there's one set that I put up a want list for last year, the '19 Gypsy Queen green parallel set.  Figuring that I didn't have a parallel set that would take me a while to finish, I decided to add this on as another project.  I expected this to take a couple of years, and be something that I'd slowly work towards.

Funny how a lot of people don't see it that way....

I just recently completed two more trades on TCDB, which takes the want list below the 80 card mark.   Far better than I would have ever hoped to have already had in hand.

Colbey from the Cardboard Collections blog sent me these two in return for a bunch of set help I sent his way (which I was very glad to do).  I will say that David Price's card features him looking quite happy, probably throwing someone out at first.  I'm guessing that the logo just under his feet is for Sam Adams beer, written out in full as Samuel.  Framber Valdez's card also features some advertising, for the Bank of America. 

New trade partner Jeff (TCDB ID: jcouvy) sent me these 5 greens along with the blue parallel below

The blue he sent by mistake, thinking it was a green.  I actually didn't get his message about it until yesterday, and I felt kind of bad about it so I sent him a Clayton Kershaw card today to hopefully "even out the trade". 

The want list is at 78 cards as of this morning, and I'm also looking for an extra green and blue parallel for my Andrew McCutchen collection. 

Thank you to both Jeff and Colbey for the trades, they are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Saturday, January 18, 2020

Serial Saturday #28: I forgot about these

The last order I pulled in from COMC actually began before the New Year.  I started nibbling here and there with some random stuff, including the #'d/99 set.  I wanted to try and keep adding some recognizable names to the collection, and I think I did pretty well with these 3 cards.

As I was adding this 2013 Topps Museum Collection John Smoltz card to the collection, I had to figure out which parallel it was, because for some reason upon first glance, I had no idea (duh).  When I looked at the last shipment of cards on COMC, the listing showed that this is the blue parallel, which I should have figured out quite easily.

Sometimes the brain just doesn't function well on a Saturday, you know?   Cost was $1.25, a very reasonable add to the collection.

Why not a little football?  I followed along with the Bills all season with my friends who are big Bills fans, and I'd seen a lot of Jim Kelly on the sidelines at games.  I decided to see if I could get any of his cards on the cheap, and this 2016 Donruss Elite green parallel fell into my cart. 

Cost?  $1.19.  Another Hall of Famer to add to the group.

After purchasing the other 2 cards, I decided I wanted another basketball card to add.  I also wanted a Raptor, as I was feeling a little nostalgic for my hometown, and something from the World Champions seemed like a nice pickup.  This is a 2016 Donruss Optic Swishful thinking red parallel insert (is a parallel insert set a thing?  I guess it is), #'d....

73/99.  Cost?  $1.35, the most expensive of the three.  So,for just under $4 I have 3 more adds to the collection.

I'd forgotten about these to be honest, they were sitting at the bottom of a pile of cards on my desk.  But as I'm slowly getting cards put away and posts written, these were found and behold!  Another Saturday serial #'d post in the books.

Enjoy the hobby!