Saturday, April 3, 2021

5 out of the Next 10: Green is clean

After grousing, complaining, chasing, trading and trying to do everything right, the 5th set out of the Next 10 group of sets I'm working on is finally complete.

I finally have the final card for the 2019 Gypsy Queen Green parallel set, Manny Margot, in hand with a very big thank you to Gavin at the Baseball Card Breakdown blog for the assist. 

I haven't taken the time yet to scan the entire 300 card set as promised, hopefully one day this week that will be accomplished, but I can tell you that I love the look of it in the binder.  

5 sets remaining on the list, everything modern (post-2000).  A pair of football sets and a trio of hockey sets are my upcoming chases, combined the total amount of cards I need to finish them off is 169.  

RC's mostly in football, a lot of SP's in hockey.  These next 5 sets aren't going to be as easy as it looks.  But it will be very sweet when they are all done.

Enjoy the hobby!


Thursday, April 1, 2021

Opening Day is upon us


I'm sure a lot of you in the north are probably saying "thank God it's opening day!"  The pictures I've seen of the winter that many of you have experienced makes me pretty sure that sentiment holds for a lot of you.

This is season #45 for the Jays, and I thought of Dave Stieb and wondered how many opening day starts he had.   I went and looked up on Baseball Reference just how many times Dave started on Opening Day, and I was surprised to learn it was just 4.  The list below shows what game he actually began each season and how the team fared.

1980 5th game against Milwaukee (won)

1981 2nd game against Detroit (lost)

1982 2nd game against Milwaukee (won in extra innings)

1983 Opening Day win against Boston

1984 4th game against California (won)

1985 Opening Day loss against KC

1986 Opening Day loss against Texas

1987 4th game against Boston (won)

1988 4th game against Minnesota (loss)

1989 7th game against NYY (won)

1990 2nd game against Texas (won)

1991 Opening Day loss against Boston

1992 became a spot starter in his last season with the Jays (first time around)

Dave was 1-3 on opening day starts, but you can see that the Jays won 6 other times on his first start of the season.  

Hyun Jin Ryu starts for the 2nd straight year on Opening Day and I'm hoping that the Jays young guns put up a big season this year.

Just finishing ahead of either the Yanks or Boston this year would be good as well....

Enjoy the season!!!


Wednesday, March 31, 2021

This was supposed to be it

A bit of follow up on last week's post about receiving the Ken Giles base card from the '19 GQ set instead of the green parallel.   A couple of you spoke wisdom in the comments and suggested reaching out to the seller to see if anything could be done.


There's Ken Giles in hand!  He arrived yesterday in the mail, 4 days after the seller reached back and said he was sending the card my way.  

That's 299 out of 300 with only Manny Margot to come my way.  Gavin is taking care of that (thank you Gavin!) with an envelope heading down here to the swamp.  Finishing this up will have me halfway through the Next 10 sets completed.  I'm still working away on getting the other 5 done, the 2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage set looks as if it'll be a tough nut to crack with a bunch of SPs on the final 25-30 cards needed to get it done.

Persistence will payoff in the long run...

Enjoy the hobby!


Tuesday, March 30, 2021

That's 390 in the books

I was fortunate to get a shout out from Steve on Twitter (@cardboardjones) last Wednesday when I posted my Wednesday want list that featured '86 Topps football.  Steve mentioned that he had a few to send my way and asked me what my TCDB ID was (rmitchell6700 in case you didn't know).  A few hours later I had a trade offer in my inbox which was quickly accepted.

Exciting times here, as my want list has shrunk by 15 and just 42 cards remain.  No slouches in this group of 15 cards...

Bears team card, a pair of record breakers, the decimation of the Patriots in SB 20 (sorry to the Patriot fans out there who may have watched/remember that massacre), the Fridge, McMahon and Marshall are all great cards.  Not that Lester Hayes was any slouch ('86 was his last season) and LeRoy Irvin also was a pretty good corner (35 career INTs) round out the first scan.

Now if I'm Sean Landeta, do I want a do over for my rookie card?  I mean that pose just gives punters a bad look, don't you think?  

Again, more great names on this scan.  Jones and White off of that great Cowboys defense, Mark Bavaro was part of the Giants Super Bowl team when they beat Denver in SB XXI 39-20.  The 49ers team card features their RB Roger Craig.  I even remember John Spagnola as the regular TE for the Eagles for a few seasons.  Great bunch of cards in this trade.

I've been on a bit of a roll over the past few weeks and have made my way closer to the 400 trade plateau on TCDB.  This trade with Steve was #390, there's a handful on their way and 3 more in the proposal stage.  

400 is just a matter of time now...

Thank you for the trade Steve, the cards are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!!


Monday, March 29, 2021

'86 Topps Football has never stood a chance

It really wasn't that long ago I announced my intentions to start putting together the '86 Topps football set.  I didn't think originally that it would take me a long time to put it together, what with the only real big $$ card in the set being the Jerry Rice rookie.  But I certainly didn't think that I would be on the verge of completing the set this quickly.  

The want list is down to 57 cards after receiving 4 more today from fellow blogger Chris who sent me a quick trade offer last week and the PWE arrived quickly at the house today.

This was the original group of 5 cards offered up in the trade, the key pair being the Bruce Smith and Al Toon RC's.  All 4 footballers I do remember from the 80's, which is another reason I've enjoyed collecting this set.  A lot of recognizable names makes it more fun, especially when you start taking trips down memory lane.  

What was very cool is Chris added these 4 cards along with the others to fill up the PWE a bit more.  The Goligoski is from the 16-17 OPC set, something I've barely started on so far with just 27 cards in hand.  I'll never sneer at any Maple Leafs base cards from current sets as I slowly build that collection as well.  

I have another TCDB trade en route which will knock off a quarter of what I have left on the list, meaning my want list will be in the 40's.  A lot of trades with both bloggers and TCDB members have really made this set easy to put together, much easier than I originally thought it would be.

The want list really never did stand a chance...

Enjoy the hobby!!