Saturday, October 20, 2018

A Go between

One of the most satisfying things about blogging lately have been the compliments I've received.  I don't fish for them, writing as often as I can has been it's own reward over the years.  I've had people write me emails that don't blog with cards from my want lists, wanting very little in return.  

As many of you have said over the years, card collectors are the best. 

I've posted a couple times within the past month about trades with Bill (TCDB ID minibbcards) and his appreciation for A&G minis.  I received an email recently regarding those posts from Jim, aka Mr. Haverkamp, asking for Bill's email address so he could initiate a swap.  (Hopefully that trade went well)

Once I provided the email address (with permission of course), Jim let me know that he had a few cards to send my way as well.

Right away, I was pretty sure that when I opened the envelope that all 6 cards were on want lists.  The 3 '05 Cracker Jack cards finished off that portion of the Blue Jays want list.  The Eduardo Escobar was needed, and is the first card I've marked off the 2017 Heritage want list in quite a while.  The Henderson and Brett from the '85 Topps list drop that down to 6, all of which are on their way from COMC as I write this.

Jim, thank you for the cards, they really are appreciated!!  Not too shabby for being a go between.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Friday, October 19, 2018

Chipping away

Haven't had many big hits to the want lists lately, everything that has come my way has chipped away at different sets.   I pulled in two envelopes today, both of them hitting cards from three different want lists.

A few weeks back I had starting putting cards from the 83-84 OPC want list in my Sportlots cart, and then got sidetracked and forgot about them.   I went to the site on Sunday night and finished up a 14 card order for cheap.

A couple of rookie cards on this page, both costing me only 50 cents (Bellows and Ludwig).  Seeing the Ray Neufeld card reminded me that the Carolina Hurricanes are going to wear their vintage Whalers uniforms when they play in Boston this year.   If the NHL is smart, they will find a way to get some Whalers jerseys for sale on their site.  I'm pretty sure they will sell out quickly.

You'll see a total of 15 83-84 OPC cards in this post, because I was digging through my collection the other day and found the Guy Carbonneau RC you see in the upper left corner.   Saved me a few bucks!  Love seeing the old style Canucks uniform with the V; I wanted a black one back in the day but never did manage to get it. 

I believe the entire order consisted of cards that were either 25 or 50 cents, which for me was very reasonable.   I have 8 more of these coming in my next COMC order (due early next week), which will drop the want list below 20 cards, with several of those being Gretzky cards.   I'm hoping to have the set done before 2018 ends.

Next up is another TCDB trade, this time with John (User ID: herkojerko---I like that ID btw) who grabbed a few Philadelphia Phillies cards out of my trade pile in return for some 78's:

and some 79's:

My 79 set is nearing the halfway mark, needing only 46 more to get there.  My favorite card of this group is the Bud Harrelson; not only does he have the cool shades working, and he's also showing a nearly lost art by choking up on the bat for this photo.  John, I really appreciate the trade and hopefully we can do more in the future.

There's nothing wrong with chipping away at sets, I'm hoping that I can keep on doing this as my luck with finding cards/trading partners has been the best it has been in quite a long time.  I know of 3 more packages that are due my way next week which should put some more dents into my multitude of want lists. 

There may also be 1 or 2 lists that disappear altogether.

Thanks for reading, Robert

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

It really is a sickness

Kind of tying this post into how I'm feeling at the moment, as I'm quite positive I'm heading towards a nice chest cold over the next few days.   My wife was sick last week, and I could feel myself slowing down a bit today.

So I'll sneak in a post showing off a few more cards from last week's card show haul.

I only hit the one table and spent probably close to an hour at the table digging through dime boxes, along with a handful of $1 boxes as well.   My serial #'d sickness was satisfied somewhat.

What kind of makes me wonder is I found these cards in the dollar box.   Kris Bryant #'d out of 99.  Kyle Seager gold Chrome #'d out of 50.  The peach colored Seager from Archives is #'d out of 199.  Wasn't that long ago that these would go for $5 or more, no?

These 3 were in the dime boxes.  Yes, Hamels, Kinsler and Scherzer, all #'d cards, for 10 cents apiece. 

I hadn't seen any Panini Spectra before this past weekend, but these 3 Josh Donaldson cards were in the dollar box.  The blue on the left is serial # 4/99.  The pink is # 3/75.  The green is # 48/49.  Again, not too long ago these cards likely would have been several dollars.  I can happily say I got these for $3 total.   I spent a total of $15 at his table, and pulled a nice stack of cards for several collections, and some for other collectors.

Maybe it's just me that thinks this is sick...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


October is breast cancer awareness month, but I'm sure that many of you(if not all) already know that.  If you read Collecting Cutch at all, he provides some of the breast reasons to be aware.

I actually have a couple of friends who have lost their breasts to cancer, so I am not only aware of it during the month of October, but year round I am reminded of what cancer can do.

Maybe unwittingly, maybe not, I found a table at the monthly card show on the weekly that had dime boxes, and I bought a few pink cards.

The Bryant was a buck, but the other 15 GQ pink cards were 10 cents apiece.  I'm sure I'll find good homes for them before too long.

I also found nearly 20 of the pink Optic cards, all for a dime apiece.  One has already been shipped off as part of a trade, one is a Marcus Stroman card that goes into the Blue Jays collection, and the others I'm sure will find a home. 

I tried keeping this under the 5 minute allotted time (that is a thing now, right?) but had no luck.

I tried to be cool, but when I think of cool I think of this guy...

Thanks for reading, Robert

Thursday, October 11, 2018

No comment

Everyone's favorite blogger the Night Owl recently ran a contest for people that had commented on his blog over a 3 month period.  He had quite the list as 112 different people were eligible for his contest.

Imagine my surprise when I didn't find my name as one of them.  It was actually quite the revelation, as that told me that I haven't been active enough reading and commenting on blogs.  Well last night I made up my mind to get active again.   I left a couple of comments on blogs yesterday and hope to keep doing so. 

One post tonight caught my eye, and that is Mark from the Chronicles of Fuji.   Mark mentioned that "as hard as he tries to avoid quarter and dime boxes", which struck me as amazing as they are a big reason for me lately to hit shows.  

I also spotted a post from the other day as Jon from A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts wrote about possibly taking on a multi sport serial numbered frankenset.  I might have to find a few cards in my collection to send his way...

Lastly, I just found out today that Julie had some surgery recently on her elbow.  That post was from a couple of weeks ago.   Shame on me.

One card rule
It's time to get back in the game and start getting active with the comments.  It's funny how you find things out sometimes...

Thanks for reading, Robert