Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Two racing legends add to the chase

It's actually one person that added cards via a trade, but the screen name was quite interesting if you're a racing fan.  A big thanks to Rusty (TCDB ID: rustypetty) for putting a big dent into a couple football set want lists with this trade.

2018 Panini Prestige was my punishment.  Yes, I decided to put it together before looking at the set breakdown; not figuring out that there were 100 SPs out of the 300 card set taught me a valuable lesson in collecting modern sets, look before you leap.

These 8 knock my want list down to 42 cards, just 6 of them are part of the base set.  Ugh, 36 SPs, there are some big names among that list and it may take me some time to finish this off, but this set will be part of the next wave of sets to be completed.

This was the big part of the trade, 32 cards from the Donruss 2019 set.  This will also be part of the next group of sets to be finished, as this is down to 60 cards.  Similar to 2018 Prestige, this set has just 1 card remaining that isn't a rookie card.  That's right, 59 RCs to go....yikes!

To finish off the trade, I received 4 cards from my WR collections, mostly of T.Y. Hilton.

It was funny, when I looked at the 2018 Absolute card in the lower right corner, something just didn't seem right.  The guy was too tall and too slender to be T.Y. Hilton.  Sure enough, the photos both front and back are of Donte Moncrief, another Indianapolis WR.  In this age where everything is scrutinized with a fine tooth comb, it's surprising that this card got through the quality check process at Panini.

A big thanks to Rusty for knocking down these want lists, it is appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!


Monday, August 3, 2020

300 x 600

After a slow climb the past few weeks, I finally hit the 300 "transaction" mark on the TCDB website.  I used the term transaction because I have made one purchase and sent 1 RAK envelope as part of the 300 number, but none the less it's a number that I'm certainly happy with.   I'm well on the way to 400 with 11 trades in various stages of progress at the moment.

Not bad for a guy who started 2019 at just 37....

We're going to document a couple of trades in this post, the first being with another Rob (TCDB ID: Cardflipper1974).  We made a quick and easy 4 for 4 card swap, with 2 player collections and my 2020 Topps 1985 set being added to nicely.

You know, I followed the Pirates for better than a decade while I lived in PA, largely due to Andrew McCutchen.  I honestly thought he could have been one of those players that played his entire career in the city, and by the end being mentioned as one of the best players ever for the Bucs.  It was a shame in my opinion that management traded him, and I really didn't care to see him in a Giants or Yankees uniform (apologies to fans of those teams).  Maybe it's because the Phillies are in PA, but I can live with seeing him in a Phillies jersey. 

I'm still finding cards in trades of Jim Thome in an Indians jersey in trades, and Rob sent the Hall of Gold card from '95 Score to help me hit towards the 600 card mark for the Thome collection.

These 6 cards got me even closer, as they were part of a trade from Bob (TCDB ID: abide).  Not only did I get these 6 for the Thome collection, my John Olerud collection grew by 2 with these..

I can't say that I've ever heard of a Royal Gold parallel from the Stadium Club releases over time, but the card on the right is from the 2003 Stadium Club set, and it's listed here just in case you're wondering. 

I showed off the 600th card from my Thome collection the other day on Twitter, but for those who don't partake in that part of social media, here it is...

2005 Bowman's Best emerald green parallel.  Another serial #'d card for the collection, which is always a good thing. 

Two more milestones are crossed off the imaginary list, but the way things are going with both trades and Thome cards being added to the collection, I might hit the next century mark for both reasonably quickly.

Thank you to both Rob and Bob for the trades, they are appreciated! 

Enjoy the hobby!!


Saturday, August 1, 2020

I only sent him 6 cards, I swear

Another of the long time bloggers, Chris from the Nachos Grande blog posted a couple weeks back about the 6th set he's completed in 2020 (sounds familiar....I've heard that somewhere...hmmm), which is one that I completed previously and is one of my favorite insert sets from Allen & Ginter, the baseball equipment of the ages set.

At the bottom of the post Chris mentioned that he was looking for a bunch of inserts from 2018 A&G.  I knew I had a few of them so I started digging and found him 6 cards.  Chris asked me what I would like in return, and knowing that he enjoyed A&G I took a shot and sent him my 2017 want list.  I remember saying in the email "Whatever you want to send from that list I'm sure will be fair." 

Chris' generous past hasn't changed; he's been good to me before, and he was more than good to me this time.

My cards multiplied by 4!!  24 more off the want list, knocking it down to just 36 cards, 15 of which are SPs.   I'll go one further and type out the want list for those who don't partake of the TCDB website.



This set is (maybe was) slated to be one of the next 10 that I finsh once '74 Topps finishes up.  The way it's going, it may not make it that long, as I've made a major dent in this set from trades this year.

Chris, thank you very much for your generosity, it really is appreciated!!   For those of you not reading Nachos Grande.....shame on you....

Enjoy the hobby and stay safe!!


Friday, July 31, 2020

Getting ready for the first storm of 2020

With Isaias approaching the eastern coast of Florida in the next 24 hours, I've got some time to write a quick post (or 2) before tomorrow's day of preparation ahead of the first hurricane to hit south Florida this year. 

I've been holding these cards for a bit over a week now, my last purchase on eBay for probably another week at the least, maybe longer if I hold my grudge against the USPS.   I showed off the first card of the 5 card purchase earlier this week  with the Ryan/Seaver '74 Topps strikeout leaders card.

The only other baseball card I decided to purchase was part of my latest fascination, the '55 Bowman set. 

There's a couple of creases on the lower right corner which you can easily see, and the corners are well worn, but the back is clean with no ink marks, so this card is right up my alley.  Mike Garcia is the 5th card from the '55 Bowman set that I own, and while I do have a want list up on the TCDB, there's absolutely no hurry for me to chase this set.  330 cards is a great size for a mid 50's set for me, and what I think I'll have some fun going after are the umpire cards. 

The other 3 cards that I bought were also what I perceived to be great buys, all of them from early 70's OPC sets.

Back to the early days of the Buffalo Sabres for this 70-71 OPC card of Bill Inglis, whom I never heard of before purchasing this card for less than $2.  A quick look at the Hockey Reference page is in order!!

A quick look it was, as Bill only played 3 seasons in the NHL, managing just 36 games and 1 goal over that time.  Bill had one goal in the playoffs with the LA Kings in the 68-69 season.  Bill's best professional season would come in 1972-73 for the Cincinnati Swords of the AHL, scoring 40 goals and 97 points.   Seeing this I had to find an image of the team's logo, and here it is in case you were curious...

Next up is a pair of Phil Esposito cards, which I believe are quite underpriced from the early 70's when you're finding them for $2-$3

Up top is the Art Ross Trophy card from the '71-72 set that I'm working on, and for $3.25 it was in my cart in no time.   Even better is the Esposito/Clarke card scoring leaders card from 73-74 OPC which was just $2.  Esposito was the runaway scoring champion in the 72-73 season with 130 points, 26 more than Bobby Clarke.  Only 2 others hit the century mark, Bobby Orr at 101 and Rick MacLeish had 100. 

With the impeding storm coming up, we'll see how long it takes before the boredom kicks in and I start surfing online for more cards....

Enjoy the hobby and stay safe!


Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Sometimes just talking about cards is a lot of fun

I need, maybe it's need  to get more involved in card discussions on Twitter.   I had probably one of my best experiences talking about cards on Sunday evening, and I didn't speak one word out of my mouth.

It started off with a tweet by everyone's favorite Night Owl, who inquired about people running a card blog and actively trading on the Trading Card Database website.   Well, I had to chime in on this one, because for the last year and a half the TCDB has been in my wheelhouse. 

How do I do both he asked.  If you've read this blog for the past 19 months, you'll know exactly how.

I've combined the two.   Using the trades I've made to keep the blog going.  The site has really helped me "focus" my collection, largely by helping me keep want lists up to date.  I did that relatively well over the years on the blog, but a lot of times I found that I wound up with cards I didn't need via blog trades because folks sent me stuff that I already had, but hadn't marked off on the want lists here.

That's pretty much been eliminated by using TCDB.

I tweeted with a couple of people that have had negative experiences on the site, either from rude traders (not everyone is good on any trade site, unfortunately), or from having difficulty navigating the site. 

 I've run into rude people on the site, it happens.  I try not to be that guy.

On the other hand, the navigation I've learned the hard way.  Trial and error.   Clicking and figuring out what happens when I do stuff on the site.  It's been fun at time.  I've cursed at my computer screen so loud sometimes that my wife asks me what's going on.

So far, using the website has helped me do something I thought would never happen.   Get my collection more organized.  It was a mess, a bloody mess.  It's still not totally together, but at least the several thousand cards I have for trade are in a place where I can find them easily.   That is a win for me.

The best part of this whole post was just relaying that I had a conversation (real or imagined) about the hobby I love, with several other collectors.  I don't get that very often, so when I do I enjoy it as much as possible.

Hence this evenings post....

Enjoy the hobby!!