Wednesday, October 27, 2021

It is a pretty darn good community

For the longest time, I have posted and bragged about the TCDB community.  I've made hundreds of trades, probably a couple of really good trade partners along the way and watched a lot of good things happen to the site via the input of many of the users.

It's happened to me once before on the site, but I was still surprised when I received an envelope totally out of the blue the other day from another Robert (TCDB bkim) who sent a couple of birthday cards my way.

A couple of player collections were increased by 1 and I especially enjoyed the Ichiro card as it's an early one from his career, a 2003 Topps #100.  

What's great is people don't have to do this, my birthday could come and go and nothing could have come my way and I would have been fine with that.  But it's little things such as this which make me talk about the site constantly, and sometimes go a hunting/trading expeditions when I have extra time off.

Thank you for the birthday cards Robert, they are really appreciated!

Enjoy the hobby!


Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Old reliable

So over the weekend I received another envelope from one of my steady trade partners on the TCDB website, Al.  (TCDB ID: tucha)  It's always easy to remember where a regular trade partner lives, especially one who lives in the great white north.

I did have to check how many times Al and I have traded, because it's now almost a monthly deal with the 2 of us.   This was our 6th(!) trade on the site and every one of them has gone smoothly (yes, he's addressed them all to Sunrise and they're here, no issues).

He must have got a big score on '81 Topps football, because that has been the main part of each of the last two trades.  

The top 3 cards of the first scan are the only hockey cards that were part of the trade, featuring another set that I've not focused on at all for quite a long time, the 02-03 Heritage set, based on the famous 66-67 Topps set (which is not a cheap one to build).  

The '81 Topps FB set is coming along quite nicely, I have about 40% in house and about 75 more in a Sportlots box that I'm building.  Apparently I'm still chopping off parts of borders with the new flatbed scanner, but none the less I'm still happy with it and when I get it figured out I'll be a scanning fool.

I saw the picture featuring Keith Wright of the Browns in the lower center; was it wrong of me to think he looked a bit like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

What I like about the '79 and '81 Topps football sets so far is the size, 528 cards allowed Topps to feature more players that I'd never heard of such as Wright.  A lot of punters/kickers and defensive players I'm sure made the set that likely wouldn't have if it was 396 or even 264 cards.  

Thank you for another great trade Al, I'm sure that there'll be more over time.

Enjoy the hobby!


Friday, October 22, 2021

Hey Canada Post!! Sunrise is where the Panthers play

If I had written the title to be TCDB Trade 481, I probably wouldn't get many views.  But this is a story that is worth telling.

First up, I'll start at the beginning.  Back in JULY, when I was trading quite a bit, I offered up a trade to Jesse (TCDB ID:  doogie_13) hopefully exchanging hockey cards both ways.  Jesse countered back as he couldn't locate one of the cards (not uncommon in the TCDB world), and we moved forward.  

Both of us marked our packages sent on July 17th, which was the day after the trade.  This is where the fun begins.


Knowing that trades across the Canadian border can take up to 4 weeks sometimes, I knew that there could be some time involved.

August 19th rolls around, Jesse was concerned and sent me a quick note on the site, asking me if the cards had arrived yet.  I replied that they hadn't and wasn't truly upset because I had another envelope (1 of 3 in that trade) that hadn't arrived yet (and that one still hasn't!) and would wait patiently.

I marked the trade as unfinished on September the 18th, as 2 months had gone by and I wasn't expecting anything to arrive, we all know how the PO can get, right?!

Jesse messaged me on October 5th, saying that the PO had finally returned the envelope to him, marking it with "insufficient address".  Now I've had probably 3 dozen trades back and forth from Canada, all using the same "Sunrise" city designation.   Never a problem.  I've even traded once before with Jesse, no problem.

Jesse went to the PO the next day and they told him "they don't recognize Sunrise as a place", so he had to address it to Ft. Lauderdale.

HEY CANADA POST!!   You're in Canada right?  Hockey is your national game right?   The Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League play in SUNRISE, not Fort Lauderdale.   On a good day, I can walk to the rink where the Panthers play in 30 minutes.  Drive there in 5 mins.

To get to Ft. Lauderdale, I would have to drive through a couple of other suburbs.  

The cards that I have displayed in this post arrived this past Tuesday, and I'm grateful to Jesse for letting me know about the whole postal mess up.  

Jesse, thank you very much for the trade and all the follow up!!  It's traders such as yourself which made the TCDB site such a great place to trade.

Enjoy the hobby, despite the post office!


Thursday, October 21, 2021

Overdue Thanks: Day 2


Let's start the post with some oversized Bowman cards from 1989, which includes a very young looking Todd Stottlemyre, lefty John Cerutti (gone too soon from our world), 2 thirds of the best outfield in baseball in the mid 80's (Barfield and Bell), and a catcher who will probably remain the longest serving catcher behind the plate for the Jays, Ernie Whitt.  

These cards, and several handfuls of other Blue Jays come from fellow blogger and twitter collector Jay, known to a lot of people as the owner of the Card Hemorrhage blog.  Jay was quite generous to send a bunch of Jays this way.

A pair of '91 cards that for some reason when I saw them in pile linked together for me.  The smile on Stottlemyre's face when loading the milk crate full of baseballs, then Gruber in the next photo getting brushed back by a pitch just kept catching my eye as I went through the pile.  It looks even better with the pair of cards scanned together.

I managed to put together a page of pitchers with starters Clancy, Hentgen, Sanchez and Stroman, a pair of swing men in Cerutti and Musselman, closers Ward and Osuna and Gaviglio I don't know much about to really slot him in anywhere.  

I actually had a harder time putting together the rest of the diamond (outside of catcher where there was 5 to choose from).  Not a bad outfield, Hernandez and Carter to go with Anthony Alford.  The infield corners are strong with Gruber and Olerud (RC!), while up the middle was Tomas Perez at short and Joe Panik at 2nd, with Ed Sprague as the DH.  The yellow parallel Panik is my first one of those and it reminds me of the gold, only a little stronger shade to tell the difference.

Even though I have most of the cards already, it's always fun looking through a stack and seeing if I can put together some stuff for a post.   Thank you very much Jay for the cards, they are appreciated!

Keep on enjoying the hobby!


Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Overdue Thanks: Day 1

I've been lagging so far behind in posting until the past couple of weeks, so it's time to get some appreciation out to the peeps that have been great in sending me cards over the past while.   First up is fellow Twitter card lover Mike (@ugxtall88) who sent me a nice little package of cards that hit a few collection areas.

Half a dozen mask cards start us off.  I had totally forgotten about the mask frankenset, and the 5 Pinnacle mask cards should certainly help with that overdue project.  The Terry Sawchuk card is also a welcome sight and will fit right into my Maple Leafs collection.

Can't say that I've ever seen a 73-74 card, either OPC or Topps, in as nice shape as this Paul Henderson card.  It will be a very nice upgrade to the Topps version that I already have in the Leafs collection.

More potential mask cards, this time in diecut form from the 2003-04 Atomic set.  Actually while writing this post I looked again at the back and these are McDonald's cards, which I had no idea were released.  These look even better in hand; I'll have to do some research to see if this was a goalie only set and if not what other players I could find....

A fair part of the package was some older early 90's Blue Jays cards which I've showed off in the earlier years of the blog.  I noticed these 3 Members Only parallels right away though as cards I know I don't have in the collection, so M.A.C. are a welcome addition to the home.

Another great add was the Starling Marte serial #/d/99 Topps Finest parallel on display here.  Love the green parallel cards, which a good portion of this collection features.  That little collection is approaching 140 cards now, in part to some generosity such as this from Mike and other collectors out there.

I love a lot of the personalized cards and add-ins that people send in packages like this, and Mike's 1-day contract signee card is certainly a great and unique add.  It's nice to see the personal side of people when they send things such as this in their packages.

I can certainly say this, he's signed more baseball contracts than I have!!  

Thank you for the cards Mike, they are appreciated, and this thank you is quite overdue.   I have a couple more thank yous to get to very soon here on the blog.

Enjoy the hobby!