Saturday, January 21, 2012

Piggybacking on the Crinkly Wrappers Post

Good Saturday evening to you all, hope that everything is going OK for you.  I just wanted to piggy back on Ted's Crinkly Wrappers  post from earlier today.  It really is a shame that things like this happen in the blogosphere.  Lately, I've been guilty myself of being slow, but I cannot imagine taking advantage of the good nature of another blogger by totally being disrespectful and not sending anything in return for a trade.

As I mentioned in Ted's comments, if there are any of you out there who have felt slighted by me in a trade, I welcome you to email me so that it can be resolved.  
Speaking of trading, it can't hurt to use this post to post a little trade bait to see if anyone is interested.

All of these are up for trade, if you see anything you like post a comment.   I'm hoping for Jays autos/relics in return.  

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Trade Kemp for a group of cards off your need list?

  2. If I come up with something jay related anytime soon I'd like that Fukodome. I'll be on the look out.

  3. I'd love the following from 2011 Ginter: Damon, Gomez, Maybin, Hafner, Fukudome. I know I have a Brandon MOrrow manupatch from 2011 Topps and a Vernon Wells jersey card from Upper Deck (2008). Shoot me an email, maybe we can work something out.