Sunday, January 8, 2012

2012 Trade post #2: All trade bait, all the time

Good Sunday afternoon to you all, hope you are ready for another afternoon of NFL football.

I received this trade package from Oscar over at All trade bait, all the time.  If you haven't checked out Oscar's blog yet, there are 4 heavenly reasons (maybe 2, depending on what you're counting) at the top of his home page that make it worth the trip!

Oscar had noticed a Johnny Bench 20th anniversary retrospectives card on the blog a couple weeks back that he was interested in.  Oscar sent me an email asking me if there was anything that I was interested in on his blog.

I spotted a Robinson Cano card from a post, and a trade was born. 

Oscar was also kind enough to send along a low numbered Andruw Jones for the insanity set as well.

In addition, he also sent me some Jays for my collection...

I especially like the Upper Deck Portraits card of Ricky Romero on the lower left of the scan, but as you all know, any cards that you get in a trade are always welcome.

Thank you for the trade Oscar!! 

Thanks for reading, Robert

1 comment:

  1. You're more than welcome, robert. I'm glad to help with pc cards and glad to play a part in the insanity.
    BTW - LOL on what to count over at my blog.