Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This is a post about absolutely nothing

Good Wednesday evening to you all, hope that your week has gone well and you're headed towards a great weekend.

I haven't done this near often enough on the blog.  A post about nothing.  No topic, just a little fun with baseball cards.  So here's a little mishmash of cards and some comments/attempts at humor.

I've heard a lot of talk about rainbows on blogs lately and thought I'd show off one of my own.

2000 Pacific Paramount

Look at those 4 groovy colors, gold, ruby, green and silver.  Wait a minute, were they supposed to be all of the same player?   I wasn't told this was in the rules.  My bad.

On to the next bit of fun.

To those running the Pittsburgh Pirates front office 3 years ago.  The Toronto Blue Jays say thank you.

The price of a Bautista


Pitchers have all kinds of quirks or fancy pitches.
Tim Wakefield points to where he's going to throw the ball, and yet only uses his knuckles to hold it. 

'03 Bowman # 31

The next card is an example of what happens when you spend too long in the thin air of Colorado.

2002 UD # 721

I wonder if Dioner Navarro hears a train whistle somewhere in the distance....

2008 UD # 85

These next two cards actually appeared in hockey card sets....I swear....

Anyone know how to say "huh?" en francais?

The next is a card of Edwin Jackson about 6 teams ago: (OK it was only 4, but still)

2010 Topps # 254

You know something, I wouldn't hate the Yankees so damn much if they had more home grown players like this guy:  (this is a helluva shot by the way)

2010 Topps 547

Finally, there's nothing better than a couple of guys getting dirty on a ball field.

2010 Topps # 449   2002 UD # 710

Sometimes, cards aren't about set building, or photography, or a company ripping off their loyal customers.

They're about a 44 year old man enjoying them, having fun with them, and showing off his somewhat warped sense of humor to the public.

As always, thank you for reading, Robert


  1. Even though I dislike him as a player (and even more as a human being), that is a cool Denny Neagle card. It reminds me of when Larry Walker turned his helmet around in the All Star Game against Randy Johnson.

    I was looking for your email for a trade, but I couldn't find it. Email me and we could work out a trade if you want.