Thursday, November 28, 2019

When last we met...

It's been a while, almost two months since I've posted anything on the blog.   Haven't had the urge to write to be honest.  Extra time to sit down and come up with something has also been at a premium.

But since it's thanksgiving morning (Happy Thanksgiving to all in the US!) and I've nothing to do until football starts in about 4 hours, I figured I'd sit down and update a post from the beginning of July.

I'd posted 8 sets on the blog that I thought I had a chance of finishing (at various levels of confidence).  Here's how I'm doing in that regard...

1.  95-96 Collector's Choice Players Club hockey.  This was finished about 2 weeks after the original post.   The final cards can be seen in this post.

2.  1976-77 OPC hockey.  Original post stated I had 9 cards remaining.

I found the Bobby Orr you see above for cheap, and a few weeks later I snagged the Ken Dryden on ebay during a 10% ebay bucks promotion.  The final 4 cards, including the Tiger Williams RC, are in my COMC cart, so this one is done.

3.  1989 Upper Deck baseball.  Original post stated I had 25 cards left to obtain.

I traded for this Randy Johnson RC recently on the TCDB website, and that left me with just 2 cards on the want list.   Ken Griffey Jr. and Omar Vizquel.  I'll see if I can find something cheap this weekend and put this one to bed as well.

4.  2012-13 OPC hockey.  Original post stated I had 18 cards left to go.

This Pelle Lindbergh SP was part of a recent Sportlots order that brought my want list down to 8, with 2 of those in my current COMC cart.   Black Friday weekend is here, hopefully I can get the last 6 bought and have this one done also.

5. 1976 Topps Baseball.  Original post boasted a want list of 47 cards.

Found this Willie Randolph RC in a box of cards I was about to add onto the TCDB trade list, and I've been whittling away at this want list here and there on COMC.

The want list is down to 21 cards, but with Hank Aaron and Nolan Ryan on the list, I don't think this will get done in 2019.  2020 for sure...

6.  2013-14 OPC hockey.   The original post had this at 36 cards left...

This Calvin Pickard RC was one of 2 cards I bought on the same Sportlots order as the Pelle Lindbergh above.  My absolute stubbornness (read cheapness) sees the ridiculous prices on some of the SPs, and the want list is still at 28 cards to go.   This isn't happening in 2019 unless a minor miracle happens.

7.  1981 Topps baseball.   185 cards left on this want list back in July

I'm as happy as Hector Cruz to say that the 185 card want list has all but vanished.   2 of the 3 cards I need are in my COMC cart, the only one on the want list left is #358 Mark Wagner.  


8.  1973 Topps baseball.   2 cards on the want list back in July.   Mike Schmidt RC and the high series checklist.

Status quo.

With those out of the way, I've made some strides on some other sets over the past few months, such as '79 Topps  (29 left to go and 3 in the COMC cart);

1983 Topps has just 93 cards to go (I believe the list was over 300 to go in July)

And I've added another want list page for a couple of parallel sets I've been chipping away at, one of them being 2008 Upper Deck X die cut

And the 2019 Gypsy Queen green parallel set is also there; I've passed the 50% mark on that quest.

So, even though I haven't been writing, there's still lots going on with my collection. 

If you're on TCDB, my trade list and want list are under my ID rmitchell6700.  I hit the 140 trade mark for 2019 this week, got a shot at 150 by year's end...

Thanks for reading!