Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cool cards # 11 & # 12

Good Thursday evening to you all.  I've found a couple of more cards that I thought were pretty cool, so I thought I'd display them here for you.

# 11.  Nyjer Morgan, 2011 Topps # 573

Fly be free

I'm sure you have seen this card on countless other blog posts, but you have to admit, Nyjer laying out for that catch is one helluva shot.  This card was actually a gremlin for me because it was the last card I needed to complete this years series 2 set of Topps, and it took a couple of weeks for me to get a hold of it.

By the way, Nyjer also has the distinction of having his on base percentage in 2010 actually exceed his slugging percentage. (.319 OBP, .314 SLG pct.)

# 12. 1993 Pinnacle #364 Juan Guzman

Pitcher's got a rubber arm

There's something about this picture that for me is cool.  The arm action by Guzman, along with the precise moment that the photographer took this picture is amazing.  I honestly wonder if he actually throwing the ball to first base on this photo, because the stride on the pitch doesn't appear to be much of one. 

By the way, Juan's 1993 season he was the king of the no decision start.  In 33 starts, he had a 14-3 record, which means that 16 out of his 33 starts were no decisions. 

Oh, and by the way, the '93 season was the Jays 2nd world championship in a row, won when Joe Carter hit the 3 run walk off HR in the 9th inning off of Mitch Williams. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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