Thursday, May 28, 2020

Pack Stash Week: 2019-20 Upper Deck Hockey

Well, I took two days off because I was pretty much exhausted on Tuesday after working outside busting up concrete in the front yard.  Wednesday was back to work for me, and by the time I finished catching up and doing a days work, I'd had enough of the computer.

So, today I grabbed a couple of packs of Upper Deck hockey from this year, and I'm going to call it a week as far as the pack ripping goes.  I can honestly say that I'm so psyched about finishing sets that buying singles towards them is much more fun than ripping packs at this time.

Plus, trading has picked up a little bit on the TCDB so there's going to be a lot of action for the foreseeable future on the blog.  So I'm going to cut the pack stash week short.

What interested me about the two packs that I busted is that each had 4 horizontal cards to go with 4 vertical cards. For those of you that were wondering if the name Petry looked familiar, yes Jeff Petry is the son of former Tigers pitcher Dan Petry.  

As always, I love the photography as Upper Deck usually does a great job catching players in some great action shots, or some unique photos such as the Johnny Gaudreau shot of him getting ready to high five his teammates after a goal.

The colors are sharp on a lot of these photos, especially the Tom Wilson card that has a Minnesota Wild player in the background.  Both packs featured one of the UD Canvas inserts, one vertical and one horizontal.

Trying to imagine which of the storm surge celebrations Andrei Svechnikov was part of.  Blake Wheeler is another one of the legion of Bruins players that they let get away over the past decade, and he'll hit career game 1000 next year barring injury or a shortened season (he needs 69 games).

What I like is some of the alternate jerseys that are featured on some of the photos, such as Nick Ritchie in the old school Anaheim Ducks jersey, back from when they were called the Mighty Ducks.  

Nothing in these 2 packs that are going to pay for retirement or fund future purchases, but nothing in here is dull either.  

I've already got enough new stuff in over the past week for a handful of posts, plus I found a pair of my major Rookie Card needs for a good price on ebay last week so I'm looking forward to showing them off next week.

Enjoy the hobby and stay safe!


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