Friday, May 22, 2020

A few sets that aren't anywhere near complete

Early 80's hockey is easily one of my favorite eras, and I'll be glad for the day when I can say that I own all the OPC sets from 80-81 through 85-86.  My latest TCDB trade netted me some more cards from that era, courtesy of a repeat trader.

I believe that this is the 3rd trade I've completed with Kevin (TCDB ID: kdinthejaw), and I was fortunate enough to knock off a dozen cards from various want lists.

I don't know what it is about the 85-86 OPC set, but it is probably my favorite design, both front and back, of the front half of the 80's OPC releases.  Unlike yesterday's 4 card post, these 4 players played a lot of games in the NHL, with Sylvain Turgeon having the lowest number of games at 669.  These 4 cards finally put me over the 10% mark with 27 cards in hand out of the 264 card set.

Fortunate enough to get a lot of star power in this trade, as the 82-83 portion features Mark Messier and Paul Coffey, and Middleton gets a 2nd appearance here in the 84-85 set.

What's great for me having Canadian trade partners is they have cards that I'd never see down here in the deep south, such as the Felix Potvin 17-18 Upper Deck Canadian Tire release in the upper left corner of this last scan.

The 93-94 Ultra Mats Sundin is probably one of the final releases that featured him in a Nordiques jersey before he was traded to Toronto.  Kevin even snuck in a Mark Ingram card that I needed from '18 Prestige football as an added bonus.

Sadly, none of the three 80's hockey sets featured here are anywhere near complete; 2 of them are barely off the ground (82-83 and 85-86) while the 84-85 set is a little over half done.  There's probably a couple dozen sets ahead of them in line for completion before these will be tackled.

Thank you for the trade Kevin, the cards are really appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby and stay safe!



  1. Voting for the Messier. That's a nice card of Heisman Trophy winner Ingram though.

  2. Oh man... seeing that Sundin in a Nordiques jersey is cool. It would have been kinda cool to see him stay in Quebec and move with Sakic and Forsberg to Colorado. On the other hand... he's my favorite Leafs player.