Sunday, February 3, 2013

My first color TV

I had a blast at the monthly card show on Saturday.  Found all kinds of goodies to add to the collection.  But I found one card in a box that had everything marked down. 

When you can get a color TV for $1.25, you can't pass it up, right?

My first '55 Bowman card, #220 Jim Hearn of the New York Giants. 

I don't recall if I've ever seen a '55 Bowman before.  I probably have, but likely overlooked it while hunting for other cards. 

This card just helps to reaffirm my love for vintage.  The less said, the better.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That's a beautiful card, Robert, and were you to have only gone to the show to find this one card, I declare it'd have been a smashing success.

    I don't own a card earlier than '69, but once I delve into more antiquated waters...well, cards such as this only feed and affirm the desire.


  2. I acquired a '55 Bowman in a trade yesterday. Great minds ...

  3. Beautiful find!

    I find myself buying discounted '55 Bowman even if I have no idea who the player on the front of the card is. They're THAT nice.

  4. Nice card! I always love cards that show old ballparks in the background, even if it's just a small section.

    I have to admit, though, looking at your card made me a little troubled... It reminded me that I've got a 1955 Bowman Art Houtteman... SOMEWHERE. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen it in years. But it's somewhere in the house.

    I think.

    ...Probably in the same place as my 1952 Topps Hank Thompson and my Fleer "Pioneers Of Baseball" set.

  5. A really great find there. At $1.25 that buy is a no-brainer, but I might hesitate because it's a dirty Giant. hahaha

  6. I'd buy those all day at those prices. Even a Giant.

  7. Whoa - coinky-dink. I also acquired my first '55 Bowman at a card show this weekend.

    Mine was $2.00 Eddie Waitkus - he was once stabbed by a deranged girl.

    Mr. Hearn's eyes follow me around the room....