Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming soon to an American League ball park near you

Call me crazy, but I would like to see these uniforms back full time, not just as a retro uniform worn for special occasions.

While you're at it, bring back Terry Puhl, Enos Cabell, Jose Cruz Sr., Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, Alan Ashby, Bob Watson, and everyone else from those early to mid 80's teams. 

I don't think having the DH is going to help these guys out a whole lot this year. 

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. They've already got Alan Ashby!

  2. My brain has still not acknowledged that they are an American League team.

    I might do that old Keith Olbermann trick where he refused to call Candlestick Park by the cooperate name the Giants had dreamed up for their park and refuse to let the Astros leave the N.L. whenever I mention them.

    In fact, I'm doing that. It's a thing now.

  3. Remember when the Brewers were an American League team?

  4. I think the Astros got rid of the rainbow jersey at the suggestion of then coach Yogi Berra... something about the pitchers using the stripes across the chest to measure a players strike zone.