Saturday, February 9, 2013

Straying off the beaten path

I generally don't make it a habit (no pun intended) of posting on how my favorite sports teams are doing.  The fact that Toronto for the past several years has been the dictionary definition for the phrase "cellar dweller", there has been no reason for any type of boasting.

Maybe tonight (maybe...) is the beginning of change for my beloved Maple Leafs.  I'm sure that a lot of you have already said "Oh God" and moved on to another blog, and that's fine.  But like I said, I'm straying off the beaten path here a little bit, and showing a little faith in the blue and white crested Maple Leaf.

Hand biting aside (yea, I think Grabovski bit Pacioretty), the Leafs beat Montreal from pillar to post tonight, 6-0.  If they could only play the way they did for the last 3 games on the road at home, I might be able to see a little something this year that I haven't seen since I was in my 30's...

Playoff hockey.

These three guys played a helluva game...

Kessel with 3 points, 2nd goal in 2 games after going the first 10 without any.  Everyone in Toronto can start breathing again.  Phaneuf scored his 1st goal of the season tonight, albeit on a 5 on 3 power play with the score already 5-0.  Hopefully that gets him going.  Bozak scored his 4th and won 83% of his face offs. 

Maybe if the Toronto media left these guys alone and let them play a little hockey, we would get more results like we did tonight.

Oh, and there was this guy...

37 save shutout.  Got him in the fantasy league!!  Too bad the St. Louis goalies have gone to the shitter...

Finally, I was shocked that Anaheim let this guy go last year...

Back when he had more hair

It's becoming obvious that his influence on this team is starting to show.  Not a whole lot of 2nd chances tonight for the Canadiens, and with the Leafs in the top half of the league in GAA, there's lot to be hopeful for those of us who root for the blue and white.

Hey, once in a while I'm allowed to let my feelings show.....remember this post???

Thanks for reading, Robert

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