Saturday, May 12, 2012

Some more '64 Topps pickups

After going about 3 weeks without any eBay wins, or bids for that matter, I was able to score a nice lot of 10 '64 Topps cards for just over $4 + shipping.  The scans on the auction didn't do the cards justice, they are in decent condition.

First we have a mixed bag of 6...including Danny Murtaugh, manager of the Pirates

Every time I see 'Roebuck' I think of Sears

The next two cards are of a pair of pretty good ball players

The Joe Pepitone turned out to be a bonus for me.  I thought while bidding that it would be good to have this card for cheap, since it is listed in the magazine.  Turns out I already had the card!  This copy however is an upgrade, so if anyone is looking for a mid grade Pepitone for their Yankees collection, let me know!  I now have two of the 3 Alou brothers in the set (Jesus is the only one left).

I also scored my first high numbered card, Jim Kaat....

This next and final card I just had to have a little fun with.

Don Larsen!!!

You just pitched a perfect game in the '56 World Series!!   Where are you going to go now??

Is it really picture day?

Nowhere dammit!!  They aren't giving out trips to Disney for another 40 years!!!

Sorry...couldn't resist...

Taking the lead from other bloggers, I also went through this sellers other auctions, and found this little beauty for $3 more...

'61 Topps NL strikeout leaders, card # 49.   Drysdale and Koufax on the same card, that's all right.

I'm almost at 20% of the '64 set already, a lot farther ahead than I thought I would be.  Hopefully my luck will continue.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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