Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The silver seven and one step closer to insanity

For a guy who has sat in his chair and pontificated (a word my wife uses to describe my blog writing, more on that in a later post) about many a topic on this blog, I sure have been an absolute disappointment as far as trading goes lately.

The 2nd week of April saw me hit 43 envelopes sent so far in 2012, and I thought to myself that I would hit my New Year's goal of 100 pretty early.  3 weeks later, I'm at 44.  Not good. 

I finally completed a trade last week with blog reader Brendan, who had sent an email to my g mail account a while ago.  You know the one that I apologized to everyone a couple of weeks back on the blog because I don't check it?  Yea, that one. 

Well, Brendan was very patient with me, and once he prodded me (again!!) about our trade, I got off my butt and we finished up a deal pretty quickly. 

First, he knocked off a couple of wants on the 2008 Upper Deck series 1 list...

I'm down to needing 7 cards now to finish that set (hence the silver 7 reference).   They are #'s 100, 136, 138, 225, 257, 291 & 349. 

In tune with other themes on the blog, Brendan also sent a couple of other cards my way as well.

Blue Jays, you betcha!  '10 Topps Toppstown insert TTT9.  The Russell Martin is a '11 Heritage Chrome towards the insanity set, one step closer to the magic number of 1500.

Every little trade helps, and maybe this one will get me off of the schneid and start hunting through people's want lists again.

Thank you Brendan for the trade!  Much appreciated..

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I pulled a Blue Jays auto from 2012 Bowman today if you're interested.