Monday, May 7, 2012

Random Jay Monday: '90 Fleer Tony Fernandez

I loved watching Tony Fernandez play baseball.  Everything he did both at bat and on the field looked effortless.  You can also see from the scan below that he had a helluva lot of fun playing the game.

1990 Fleer #80
I will always remember the flip throws he would make from short left field to get guys out at first...just amazing!  A lot of his swings at the baseball it appeared that he was just flicking his bat at the ball, and he'd end up at 3rd base with one of  the 72 career triples he hit while a Blue Jay.

Tony had 4 tours of duty in Toronto...83-90, 1993, 98-99 and 2001. This is one guy whose number I would like to see retired by the Blue Jays, because to be honest it pains me to see anyone else wear the #1 in a Jays uniform. 

I'm not a big person as far as trifectas go, but if I could put one together of Tony, it would hold a special place in my collection.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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