Thursday, May 24, 2012

OK, so what do we call it...Heritage Lite?

Yes, I've been truly out of touch for the past few days.  I had no idea until today that Topps Archives had been released to the masses.  Of course, I decided to partake to see what was what.

Excuse me while I ........  yawn.........

We've already done the '54 Topps set in Heritage....quite a few years ago as a matter of fact.

The '71 Topps set will not be done for a few years with the Heritage treatment, and frankly, this guy   is paying homage to the set way more effectively than a Topps reprint could.

The '84 Topps set was OK, and the '80 Topps set was better represented back in 1980. 

excuse the granite background, I don't have a scanner
The inserts, well I'm not too sure about them as well.  The Nelson Cruz seems to pay homage to last year's Lineage set, while the Troy a little loud to say the least.

Both have blank backs, which makes me feel like Topps is either standing on the card itself, or the company really just doesn't have anything creative to say.

The Catfish Hunter is a cloth sticker in the design of the '77 Topps set, which is the only redeeming quality I've found so far.  The Jay Buhner card worried me at first, then with a little research it appears that it is one of the all time fan favorites (high numbers), which are seeded in packs at a rate of 1:4.

Honestly, I'm not impressed.  I get the idea, but to be honest, I prefer having the Heritage lineup rather than these.

I'm also not too thrilled with the price point of these.  $3.19 for an eight card pack just isn't cutting it.  There is nothing new or original in here,  so why the same price point as Heritage?  The Heritage card stock is a much better quality, and at least with Heritage the set size is more substantial and pays homage to a much more historical set (at least this year).

Like I've said a million times while playing euchre...


Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I feel pretty much the same way, Robert. Topps needs to get off this kick of injecting their 'history' into almost every single release. They're watering down that history and the returns are diminishing. I guess that's what happens when you're the only game in town and there's no incentive to innovate.

  2. After reading and seeig these cards I am disappointed the stock is not the same as the earlier Archives sets.

  3. I think some of those inserts have blank backs b/c that's the way the originals were...or something like that.

    I for one love this set, but I'm not a big fan of Heritage either. This is just tiding me over until A&G hits shelves in a few months!