Saturday, September 19, 2020

The Next 10

 Blog post #2010 finally got me around to posting the next 10 sets that I want to complete.  The pair of '74 Topps cards below were also helpful in getting me closer to finishing the first 10 sets I posted back on January 1st.

These cards bring the want list down to 21.  A third of those are in my first Box order on Sportlots that I submitted yesterday.  You'll be hearing more about that as this post develops.

Now as far as the 10 sets that I want to finish next is concerned, some of them are pretty close to completion, much like the original group of 10.  I've chopped the want lists on a lot of these during the year , so what you're going to see for each set is the original want list count when I wrote the list about 2 months ago, and what I need now.

Let's go!

1.  2008 Upper Deck X die cut

Original want list:  12

Now:  8

It's been forever since I first snagged one of these die cuts, and they've always had a soft spot in my collecting mind.  The Sportlots order has 6 of them, I think I'm down to Ken Griffey Jr and the Ian Kennedy RC (cheapness won out over grabbing them).  I'll take care of this on the next order.

2.  1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Hockey


Original want list:  28 cards

Now:  3

I remember ripping a box of these when they first came out 30 years ago.  Why I never got around to finishing the set, I'll never know.  I've carted these around for over a generation.  One of the cards is a Joe Sakic, which I'm going to hunt through my doubles to see if I have an extra copy.

The other two cards are Jamie Macoun and the Blackhawks team card.  This is almost fait accompli.

3.  2017 Topps Allen & Ginter

Original want list:  88 cards

Now:  21

A couple of recent trades, and a kind envelope from the Night Owl have put a nice dent into this want list.  With just 7 of the 21 cards remaining being of the SP variety, this will be another quick finish.

Why did I scan the Trees of India card?  When I first bought a few packs back in '17, it seemed like I pulled a lot of these.  Made me wonder if they used too many of the Indian trees to print the cards at the time...

4.  2012-13 ITG Between the Pipes

Original want list:  58 cards

Now:  31

I remember buying a box of this product back at the Hockey Expo I believe in 2013 or '14 for less than 30 dollars, and was quite happy when I got it home and ripped it.  I remember pulling a Gary Inness auto and a fabulous Henrik Lundqvist Jersey/Stick card (which has since moved on to a Rangers fan).  But most of all, I loved seeing the goalies and the masks they wore, including the John Garrett card above from his time as a Nordique.  

Most of the remaining 31 are part of the Sportlots box order that is in process.  This will be an easy set to complete and knock off the want list.

5.  2019 Donruss Football

Original want list:  93 cards

Now:  51

One of the 2 football sets on the list, both of which I regretted starting once I realized the make up of the set.  350 cards, 100 of them rookies is more of a task than I should have taken on.  I still need three of the big name quarterbacks (Murray, Hoskins and Allen) and all 51 cards on the want list are RCs.  Getting this set and the next one out of the way will be a welcome relief

6.  2018 Panini Prestige Football

Original want list:  76 cards

Now:  32

Another kick myself moment when I decided to pursue this set.  100 of the 300 cards are RCs and SPs.  This and the Donruss set above are the reason that I decided to start building a couple of the older football sets.  Baker Mayfield, Sony Michel and Sam Darnold are 3 of the cards I need to finish the set off.  This one may end up being finished a little bit later than the next couple on the list.  We shall see.

7.  2019 Topps Gypsy Queen green parallel

Original want list:  62 cards

Now:  41

This set was an instant love affair.  I love the green far more than the base set.  The only down point that Fuji pointed out to me one day is the card numbers on the back.  I need a magnifying glass to see them.  

I have 4 of the 41 in my Sportlots box right now, so this one is definitely on the radar for completion.  

8.  2018-19 O-Pee-Chee hockey

Original want list:  90 cards

Now:  48

A nice chunk has come off this list in the last couple of months.  However, 44 out of the 48 cards that I need are SPs.  BUT, 13 of those SPs are team checklists, similar to the New Jersey Devils card you see above.

I decided to try and hunt for a few of the player SPs today on Sportlots, and there's one seller who is selling his SPs for $6 apiece.  Crazy.  I think I'm going to try and reach a contact with a Canadian LCS and see if they can get me closer to finishing this set.

The modern OPC set run is one that I want to complete/keep up with, and finishing this up will be the 3rd one out of the way.  I believe the 2020-21 set is the 15th release, so I'm a little behind.

9.  2002-03 Upper Deck Vintage hockey

Original want list:  34 cards

Now:   30

Another set that I got close to completing but slowed down on over the years, 02-03 Vintage is a simple design, but the base cards are all horizontal while the team checklist and rookie cards are all vertical.  13 short printed base cards (all stars of course) and 17 team checklists are what keep me from finishing this set.

10.  2013-14 Panini Prizm hockey

Original want list:  115 cards

Now:  111

Another set that is 1/3 rookie cards, 2013-14 Panini Prizm is the one and only Prizm hockey set, so I'd like to finish this one up if it doesn't get too pricey.   This will definitely be the 10th set of this group of 10 that gets finished.  

I hemmed and hawed about getting adventurous and finishing off a vintage baseball or hockey set, but those are too far off and would only end up discouraging me as the process will be a lengthy one.  I can reasonably see myself finishing these by next summer while getting a start on the run of modern OPC hockey and modern A&G baseball sets.  

I'm definitely looking forward to getting this group done!!

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. Just looked up that Trees of India card. Pretty cool to hear that they planted all of those trees. Every country should do this.

  2. Other than the Prizm, these sets seem like they'll be pretty doable, nothing vintage for a change.

    1. No vintage on this list. Even the '59 Topps set I have on the go wasn't close enough to add due to price restraints