Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Oh my, there's how many left?

I probably went a little over a week without receiving or making a trade offer on the TCDB.  Not sure what to make of all that's going on right now.  Hard to think of a word that described how I felt.  Worried?  Not really good, because I know that times have changed.  Bored?  No, that's not it, I've totally been enjoying my hobby over the past year.

While writing this first paragraph, the word I was looking for came to mind.   Understanding.  I get that people might not have cards first on their minds, or even want to head to the post office or come within 50 feet of one.  I've also been worried about making offers, because you just don't know what people are thinking on the other end, even regular trade partners (although a couple of my regulars have hit me up in the past few days, more on that in upcoming posts).

Within the past 6 days, I've actually received 8 trade offers, 7 of the PWE variety, which I think works much better in these uncertain times, because if you have a supply of stamps on hand (I keep quite a few now, including the extra ounce 15 cent stamps) and a lot of envelopes (office supply junkie here), you don't have to interact with anyone.  All 8 trades were dropped in the mailbox in front of my P.O. more than 50 feet from the door.

The first trade came in today, with new trade partner Matt.  A nice exchange of 2019 Donruss football was made, and my end knocked off 19 cards from my want list...

No SPs or anything, which is fine, but there's still some decent names on the scans, past and present.  Looking through these quickly made me decide to look over the checklist, and doing that I noticed there's not really a whole lot of commons in the set, which is cool.  But then I looked at my want list and realized that I have 107 cards still to go to complete the 350 card set.

You've got to be kidding me!  Thought I was much closer than that to finishing the set.  Thinking back, I really didn't buy a whole lot of packs when the set came out last year, and I still see some product on the racks when I hit Target.  Wondering if I shouldn't pick up a pack or 2 here and there to try and get closer.

Nope....I'll wait and try and trade for the rest.   Thank you for the trade Matt, cards are really appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. Well, if you don't mind waiting for things to get back to normalish, I have a couple dozen matches.

  2. Understanding is important during these crazy times. This downtime has given me the opportunity to talk to a few friends and family members I haven't talked to in quite some time... and I noticed that everyone is handling the situation in their own way. Figure the same thing has to apply to collectors out there as well. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy.

    1. All is well with both sides of the family so far (knock on wood). Hope you and yours are also safe.

  3. Last week I ventured to the post office and stocked up on regular, extra ounce combos, and international letter stamps too. $69 later I'm good for a while to anyone.
    I get these semi-rigid envelopes from Amazon that fit two card savers worth. They work really well. Plus another post office that I used to frequent near where I worked gave me an extra size chart and slot tester so I know how heavy to load 'em up.

    1. Greg, can you send me the Amazon link for those semi-rigid envelopes please?

      That's great info all around, thank you!