Friday, April 3, 2020

A bit of older star power

Wade Boggs is the latest '85 insert I received in a trade early this week, with this in hand I finally decided to put up a want list for the 2020 Topps insert set.  When going through the 24 cards I have so far, I noticed a lot of past greats that I have so far as part of the set.

Tony Gwynn
Sandy Koufax
Al Kaline
Cal Ripken Jr
Frank Thomas
Jeff Bagwell
Vladimir Guerrero Sr.
Darryl Strawberry
Will Clark
Ken Griffey Jr.
Ozzie Smith

are the ones I already have in hand, and looking at the checklist there are at least a couple dozen more that I'm in need of.  While I like the look of the cards, and I appreciate getting some great names in there, wouldn't it have been better for Topps to use more modern players in the set?  There are plenty of good young ball players in today's game that don't get enough publicity that would look good on these cards.  Not trying to be overly critical here, just more of a question.

I have modified one page at the top of the blog to now say the Parallel & Insert want list.  This set is the 3rd that I have on there now, joining 2008 Upper Deck X die cut and 2019 Gypsy Queen Green parallel.  There's a couple more insert and parallel sets that I've got to get on there now, and with more inside time hopefully I'll step up my game and get them posted.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. I might have some of these. I'll have to check.

  2. I think you make a good point about having Topps use modern, young ball players in this set. The good news is I'm sure they'll get their shot in Archives sooner or later.