Thursday, April 9, 2020

A trio of shorties

This doesn't happen two days in a row on this blog often, another post featuring football cards!  This time it's 3 cards from the 2018 Panini Prestige set from new trade partner Bill (TCDB ID: brodiescomics).

Upon entering the trade as completed on my end I decided to look at what I have left to finish this 300 card set.  Eighty three cards remain, 53 of them SPs.  A lot of big names as well on the list, Allen, Mayfield, Barkley, Fitzpatrick, Chubb and Michel to give you a quick half dozen names of rookies on that list.

It's nice to get some cards off the list for sure, but with as many SPs as I need, there's certainly no hurry to finish this off.

When I took a quick look at the Denzel Ward card, I immediately thought I saw Denzel Washington.  I guess that's how the brain works when you get older!

Just a little note on the side, I've been trying to keep posting, as I have a goal of getting to 2000 posts by the time my birthday hits in late October.  When this drops, I'll need 95 more to get to the milestone.  There was a time a year or two ago when I thought that 2K was never going to happen.

Now it's something I'm looking forward to.   Thank you for the trade Bill!

Enjoy the hobby!


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  1. I have the Aaron Jones. But as I've said before, you'll have to wait a few weeks.

    2,000 posts is a lot for a blog that isn't for job purposes.