Tuesday, October 19, 2021

TCDB Trade #480: 1 Lewis was all it took

A few weeks ago I bought quite a few cards at a card show (duh) from a football dealer.  Just decided to throw a bunch of parallels and numbered cards into a pile at a quarter a piece.   Sounds like a typical card show for me right?

Well, little did I realize that one of those cards would turn into a dozen cards for my wide receiver collections.  

For a quarter, I added to my pile a Ray Lewis teal parallel from 2020 Chronicles.  Someone who wanted it for his Ray Lewis collection offered me 5 cards for it originally and as you can imagine I didn't pass that up.

Here are 4 of the 5 cards that John (TCDB ID: ravensray52) offered.


All of them shiny, definitely won't complain about these.  The one card he couldn't find was a 2012 RC of  T.Y., he felt bad and said he would send me 7 other cards that he had off of my want list.  I said not to worry, that things happen and I did appreciate him letting me know.  His next reply struck me as kind of funny...

"no worries, you're the only Hilton collector I have encountered so I know they will go to a good home"

So these 8 cards have come to a good home!

I can honestly say I love hearing this kind of stuff from other collectors, as I like to make lopsided trades from time to time with other set builders because I know they appreciate it.  Moving cards from trade boxes to other peoples collections is a beautiful thing, which is one of the main reasons I enjoy the TCDB site so much.

Thank you for the trade John, it is appreciated!!

Keep on enjoying the hobby!



  1. Love hearing that stuff. Nice pickups!

  2. Nice trade! This is why it pays to pick up cards that dont necessarily fit your collection - odds are you can flip them for something useful down the road.