Thursday, October 21, 2021

Overdue Thanks: Day 2


Let's start the post with some oversized Bowman cards from 1989, which includes a very young looking Todd Stottlemyre, lefty John Cerutti (gone too soon from our world), 2 thirds of the best outfield in baseball in the mid 80's (Barfield and Bell), and a catcher who will probably remain the longest serving catcher behind the plate for the Jays, Ernie Whitt.  

These cards, and several handfuls of other Blue Jays come from fellow blogger and twitter collector Jay, known to a lot of people as the owner of the Card Hemorrhage blog.  Jay was quite generous to send a bunch of Jays this way.

A pair of '91 cards that for some reason when I saw them in pile linked together for me.  The smile on Stottlemyre's face when loading the milk crate full of baseballs, then Gruber in the next photo getting brushed back by a pitch just kept catching my eye as I went through the pile.  It looks even better with the pair of cards scanned together.

I managed to put together a page of pitchers with starters Clancy, Hentgen, Sanchez and Stroman, a pair of swing men in Cerutti and Musselman, closers Ward and Osuna and Gaviglio I don't know much about to really slot him in anywhere.  

I actually had a harder time putting together the rest of the diamond (outside of catcher where there was 5 to choose from).  Not a bad outfield, Hernandez and Carter to go with Anthony Alford.  The infield corners are strong with Gruber and Olerud (RC!), while up the middle was Tomas Perez at short and Joe Panik at 2nd, with Ed Sprague as the DH.  The yellow parallel Panik is my first one of those and it reminds me of the gold, only a little stronger shade to tell the difference.

Even though I have most of the cards already, it's always fun looking through a stack and seeing if I can put together some stuff for a post.   Thank you very much Jay for the cards, they are appreciated!

Keep on enjoying the hobby!


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