Friday, October 22, 2021

Hey Canada Post!! Sunrise is where the Panthers play

If I had written the title to be TCDB Trade 481, I probably wouldn't get many views.  But this is a story that is worth telling.

First up, I'll start at the beginning.  Back in JULY, when I was trading quite a bit, I offered up a trade to Jesse (TCDB ID:  doogie_13) hopefully exchanging hockey cards both ways.  Jesse countered back as he couldn't locate one of the cards (not uncommon in the TCDB world), and we moved forward.  

Both of us marked our packages sent on July 17th, which was the day after the trade.  This is where the fun begins.


Knowing that trades across the Canadian border can take up to 4 weeks sometimes, I knew that there could be some time involved.

August 19th rolls around, Jesse was concerned and sent me a quick note on the site, asking me if the cards had arrived yet.  I replied that they hadn't and wasn't truly upset because I had another envelope (1 of 3 in that trade) that hadn't arrived yet (and that one still hasn't!) and would wait patiently.

I marked the trade as unfinished on September the 18th, as 2 months had gone by and I wasn't expecting anything to arrive, we all know how the PO can get, right?!

Jesse messaged me on October 5th, saying that the PO had finally returned the envelope to him, marking it with "insufficient address".  Now I've had probably 3 dozen trades back and forth from Canada, all using the same "Sunrise" city designation.   Never a problem.  I've even traded once before with Jesse, no problem.

Jesse went to the PO the next day and they told him "they don't recognize Sunrise as a place", so he had to address it to Ft. Lauderdale.

HEY CANADA POST!!   You're in Canada right?  Hockey is your national game right?   The Florida Panthers of the National Hockey League play in SUNRISE, not Fort Lauderdale.   On a good day, I can walk to the rink where the Panthers play in 30 minutes.  Drive there in 5 mins.

To get to Ft. Lauderdale, I would have to drive through a couple of other suburbs.  

The cards that I have displayed in this post arrived this past Tuesday, and I'm grateful to Jesse for letting me know about the whole postal mess up.  

Jesse, thank you very much for the trade and all the follow up!!  It's traders such as yourself which made the TCDB site such a great place to trade.

Enjoy the hobby, despite the post office!



  1. It feels like the PO is always a pain when trying to send cards your way. Glad it worked out, though, and that's a really attractive set!

  2. What a joke, the postal mishaps never cease to amaze me. At least you got the cards and everything worked out eventually. I've traded with Jesse recently and was very pleased with our small trade.