Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Overdue Thanks: Day 1

I've been lagging so far behind in posting until the past couple of weeks, so it's time to get some appreciation out to the peeps that have been great in sending me cards over the past while.   First up is fellow Twitter card lover Mike (@ugxtall88) who sent me a nice little package of cards that hit a few collection areas.

Half a dozen mask cards start us off.  I had totally forgotten about the mask frankenset, and the 5 Pinnacle mask cards should certainly help with that overdue project.  The Terry Sawchuk card is also a welcome sight and will fit right into my Maple Leafs collection.

Can't say that I've ever seen a 73-74 card, either OPC or Topps, in as nice shape as this Paul Henderson card.  It will be a very nice upgrade to the Topps version that I already have in the Leafs collection.

More potential mask cards, this time in diecut form from the 2003-04 Atomic set.  Actually while writing this post I looked again at the back and these are McDonald's cards, which I had no idea were released.  These look even better in hand; I'll have to do some research to see if this was a goalie only set and if not what other players I could find....

A fair part of the package was some older early 90's Blue Jays cards which I've showed off in the earlier years of the blog.  I noticed these 3 Members Only parallels right away though as cards I know I don't have in the collection, so M.A.C. are a welcome addition to the home.

Another great add was the Starling Marte serial #/d/99 Topps Finest parallel on display here.  Love the green parallel cards, which a good portion of this collection features.  That little collection is approaching 140 cards now, in part to some generosity such as this from Mike and other collectors out there.

I love a lot of the personalized cards and add-ins that people send in packages like this, and Mike's 1-day contract signee card is certainly a great and unique add.  It's nice to see the personal side of people when they send things such as this in their packages.

I can certainly say this, he's signed more baseball contracts than I have!!  

Thank you for the cards Mike, they are appreciated, and this thank you is quite overdue.   I have a couple more thank yous to get to very soon here on the blog.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. The Jays cards are actually part of a set that was distributed to "club members" and not actually parallels. Not to be confused with the members only parallel cards, lol

  2. Wow, that Henderson is sharp! I love those Pinnacle Mask cards and the McD's Atomic too.