Thursday, October 14, 2021

#'s 5 and 475

Part of me trying to get back on the writing on a regular basis trail is working on posts, no matter how quick and painless (painful?).  Trade posts from the TCDB are going to help, especially now that I have quite a few trades on the go.  Having these trades going is a welcome change after I had written last Saturday about how trading had kind of dried up, then all of a sudden I made a few offers and had a few others come in.

This quick 2 card inbound trade is from fellow Floridian Justin, adding 1 each to a set and a player collection.

I'm still having trouble with chrome cards on the new scanner, you'll have to trust me that this 2000 Tribe-unal insert card looks really nice in hand.  640 Thome cards in the house now, this is the first card I've added to the collection in probably a few months.

This is the just 5th emerald card from the 2008 UD Baseball Heroes set that I have, but like a lot of sets that I have currently on the go, there's really no hurry for this one.   For those who don't know I'm putting together 3 of the parallel sets from '08 Heroes, Black, Emerald and Red, more as a fun thing than any serious pursuit.  I definitely will not turn them down in a trade if they're a part!

Thank you for the trade Justin, it is appreciated.  Just 25 to go to reach 500 on TCDB.

Enjoy the hobby



  1. All 4 of those Indians should be in the Hall of Fame (yep, even Lofton!)

    1. Speed kills, that's why Lofton was such a cog in that group, patrolled center field, stole bases. Created havoc is probably a good way to describe his play.