Tuesday, October 12, 2021

50 cents just wouldn't do

So this past Sunday I hit a show that was in Port St. Lucie, FL, which is about 90 minutes north of where I live.  I've been to the PSL area several times in the past, as the wife and I have some good friends who live there.  I was looking forward to try and get to this show for a few months, but things didn't work out until this weekend.

It's located in the Baron Real Estate facility, which has a room that doubles as the St. Lucie Mets convention center.  It is a real nice room, my guess is there was 40 tables there which was perfect as there wasn't any crowding.  

I decided to write about the 2nd table I hit as the first table took up the most time and provided me the most cards, which I will save for later this week.

My buddy Chris and I were almost ready to head out when I spotted a table that had a box of 50 cent cards.  I became a bit curious and spotted this card almost right away as I began to flip....

I had this one memorized, as John Stallworth was one of only 9 cards remaining on my '86 Topps football want list.  I wasn't really seeing anything in the box that I wanted right away, but I wanted to bring this card home to get it off the list.   So I kept flipping and found a page worth of '81 Topps.

I originally thought these were '82s, but that set has the pennant logo on the bottom of the card, so this was my mistake.  I wound up only needing 3 of the 9 cards pictured here (Stabler, DeBerg and 49ers team leaders) so it wasn't a total loss, but I wound up spending $5 at the table because I didn't want to spend just 50 cents.

This was a really good show though and I've asked the wife if we could combine it with visits to our friend up in Port St. Lucie in the future.  Here's hoping!

Enjoy the hobby


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  1. Hi! I was trying to find your wantlist for this 1986 FB but didn't spot it, i may be able to help out.