Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Old reliable

So over the weekend I received another envelope from one of my steady trade partners on the TCDB website, Al.  (TCDB ID: tucha)  It's always easy to remember where a regular trade partner lives, especially one who lives in the great white north.

I did have to check how many times Al and I have traded, because it's now almost a monthly deal with the 2 of us.   This was our 6th(!) trade on the site and every one of them has gone smoothly (yes, he's addressed them all to Sunrise and they're here, no issues).

He must have got a big score on '81 Topps football, because that has been the main part of each of the last two trades.  

The top 3 cards of the first scan are the only hockey cards that were part of the trade, featuring another set that I've not focused on at all for quite a long time, the 02-03 Heritage set, based on the famous 66-67 Topps set (which is not a cheap one to build).  

The '81 Topps FB set is coming along quite nicely, I have about 40% in house and about 75 more in a Sportlots box that I'm building.  Apparently I'm still chopping off parts of borders with the new flatbed scanner, but none the less I'm still happy with it and when I get it figured out I'll be a scanning fool.

I saw the picture featuring Keith Wright of the Browns in the lower center; was it wrong of me to think he looked a bit like Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High?

What I like about the '79 and '81 Topps football sets so far is the size, 528 cards allowed Topps to feature more players that I'd never heard of such as Wright.  A lot of punters/kickers and defensive players I'm sure made the set that likely wouldn't have if it was 396 or even 264 cards.  

Thank you for another great trade Al, I'm sure that there'll be more over time.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. I definitely see the resemblance to Spicoli lol.

    Topps heritage hockey sets were really cool, especially the 02-03 set.

    1. I actually preferred the 00-01 Heritage set, based off of 54-55 Topps. That is an all time classic