Saturday, November 7, 2020

The missing 1

Today I get to tell another story of postal woes.  I'm not complaining, it's not all their fault, but a little bit of effort could have saved these cards from my buddy Joe (@cheapcardsales on twitter) having to resend this package.

Just to let you know, these cards you're about to see traveled approximately 3900 miles to get to my mailbox.  Let's have a chuckle while I explain...

I believe that this is the fourth time I've purchased a stack of cards from Joe from his weekly sales, and never an issue.  Prices are good, Joe takes care when it comes to shipping, and you always get prompt shipping and the tracking ID so you can follow the package.

gotta get them serial #'d cards on the cheap!

I believe that these were shipped Columbus Day week, and I was due to receive them on the Friday after.  I checked the email Friday afternoon, and no package.  I looked at the tracking online and it had an alert.  Package due to be sent back because of an incorrect address.

I sent a quick message to Joe for follow up.  Joe replied that he used the same address as in the past.  Turns out the package was missing a 1 (my address starts with 2 1's.)

I know that my mail carrier gets back to the post office late, as our mail usually comes later in the afternoon.   The next day I head over to the post office, worked out well because I had something to ship anyhow.

These multi colored Prizm's are evil

While at the post office, I talk to the manager, provide her with my tracking ID and inquire about the package.  She comes back a couple minutes later and says that the fellow who does the returns is at lunch, but she would let him know what the correct address is (which I provided her, along with my phone #) and they would call me and let me know.

Needless to say, I never did get a phone call, and the package got returned back to New York state that evening.  Took a week to get back to Joe, then he had to reship back to me (including the T.Y. card above as a kind gesture) which I'm positive he paid out of pocket for.

Choo and CP3 add to the serial #'d/99 PC

Had the USPS bothered to take less than 2 minutes to add a single "1" to the package, these cards wouldn't be so tired after travelling 3900 miles.

I'm sure the USPS wonders why people rip them as they do.   It was a simple process.  They just didn't bother following through.  

Joe, thank you for the cards.  Much appreciated!

Enjoy the hobby



  1. Sigh... some people are so damn lazy, or they're so married to protocols that they can't understand basic common sense. But at least you got your cards (eventually) and there are some really nice ones here. CP3, Hilton, Fitz, Cutch, and Joiner in particular.

  2. Sounds like a very USPS thing to do.