Monday, November 16, 2020

No you don't Jeff

I never hesitate to poke fun at myself.  My forgetfulness comes to mind, I've forgotten so many things over the years only to be reminded of them by my wife, my friends, or even while writing posts.  It'll be similar to the light bulb shining on you in the cartoons.  

But there comes a time when someone pokes fun at themselves during an email exchange that I can't resist using it for a post.   Long time blogger Jeff at the 2x3 heroes blog is the person I'm speaking of in this instance. 

Jeff was one of a couple of people who reached out to me when I wrote about getting started on completing the run of Ginter sets.  His email was something that I shared instantly with my wife and we both had a great laugh.  But let's look at some cards first, shall we?

There was just over 100 cards in the envelope, but the highlight for me was my first look at 2020 A&G in hand.  There was never any at the stores locally, plus I procrastinated about buying myself a box of packs from an online seller, well just because I was being cheap.  

Jeff took care of getting my set started by sending just under 60 cards my way and as you can see by the scan above, he sent some big names to me.

I did a mish-mash scan, 4 GQ Greens as that set starts to really close in on completion.  3 cards from the 2012 A&G sets, just 3 legends of the game is all.  Tyler Johnson Artifacts red for the serial numbered hockey set, and a David Broll autograph card to the Leafs collection.   4 for 4 on this page!!

39 more cards off of the 2019 A&G want list round out the great envelope that Jeff sent my way.  Instead of taking the first 9 baseball players off the pile, I decided to dig into the middle and show a few non-baseball subjects just to change things up.  

Now, onto the email story.

The exchange was so quick, I think that's what made it so funny for me.

Jeff starts by asking if I'm still at my old address in PA.  I replied back "nope, been in Florida for 5 years now" and provided him with the current address.

Here's his response:

WOW!!!  Have I really not sent you anything in 5 years??????  I totally suck.

You know, just from reading his blog all these years, I could easily see him saying that!!

Jeff, thank you very much for the cards they are really appreciated.   No, you don't suck.

Enjoy the hobby!!



  1. I know it's probably going to come across as bragging, though it isn't meant to, it's just that there are still 2020 A&G blasters and packs on the shelves here (at least at the Walmart's), so it kind of surprises me that you would've never even seen any there. I personally haven't bought any, but have been tempted a few times.

  2. Looks like Jeff did a mega-mailing around the blogs, because it looks like a ton of people have gotten packages from him recently -- myself included!