Sunday, November 8, 2020

1 card turned into 10

 That's what 20% off and combined shipping will do when you're on eBay.  The main reason I started looking one day a couple of weeks ago on eBay was to try and find one of the 2 cards I needed to finish the '74 Topps set.

I found it.  Then some more.

After the discount, the card cost me $1.01.  Weird since it was originally priced at $1.25 and 1/5 of that is a quarter, yada yada yada.  I needed it, the list went down to 1 card, there you have it.   The fun part came with the other 9 cards I bought, mixing it up over years and sports.

These 77-78 OPC team cards are quite popular and this Sabres card after discount was $1.60.  

Paid $2.60 for these 2 '72 Topps cards.  I've started to peck away here and there when I can at this set.  Hopefully will reach 60% complete by the end of the year.

Another set I've begun to pick off cards from the want list as well.  The Milt Pappas scan was pretty poor, it isn't that cut off on the left hand side.  These were $1.60 each.  I'm down to 83 cards on that want list.  2021 looks like the year to finally knock this out.

A trio of '79 Topps football cards cost 79 cents apiece.  I remember Rolf Benirschke as a youngster, he had ulcerative colitis and a really good video of his experience is on YouTube 

Finally, I wanted to take advantage of the 20% discount on a more significant card.  I found something from '62 Topps that was worth it.

Cepeda/Mays/Robinson home run leaders card!  Nice, and after the discount it only cost me $7.20, which I think is a steal for a card featuring these 3 players.  If I keep finding deals like this over time, maybe I will chase after '62 Topps some day.  

Yes, $1.50 turned into a $20 purchase when it was all said and done, but it's not like it was random stuff, I've kept to only buying stuff on want lists for quite a while now and this purchase fits the bill as well.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. Rolf Benirschke is such a kickers name :)

  2. I love LL cards featuring exclusively hall of famers. And I always forget that Manny Trillo started his career in Oakland. Mainly remember him with the Phillies.