Saturday, August 1, 2020

I only sent him 6 cards, I swear

Another of the long time bloggers, Chris from the Nachos Grande blog posted a couple weeks back about the 6th set he's completed in 2020 (sounds familiar....I've heard that somewhere...hmmm), which is one that I completed previously and is one of my favorite insert sets from Allen & Ginter, the baseball equipment of the ages set.

At the bottom of the post Chris mentioned that he was looking for a bunch of inserts from 2018 A&G.  I knew I had a few of them so I started digging and found him 6 cards.  Chris asked me what I would like in return, and knowing that he enjoyed A&G I took a shot and sent him my 2017 want list.  I remember saying in the email "Whatever you want to send from that list I'm sure will be fair." 

Chris' generous past hasn't changed; he's been good to me before, and he was more than good to me this time.

My cards multiplied by 4!!  24 more off the want list, knocking it down to just 36 cards, 15 of which are SPs.   I'll go one further and type out the want list for those who don't partake of the TCDB website.



This set is (maybe was) slated to be one of the next 10 that I finsh once '74 Topps finishes up.  The way it's going, it may not make it that long, as I've made a major dent in this set from trades this year.

Chris, thank you very much for your generosity, it really is appreciated!!   For those of you not reading Nachos Grande.....shame on you....

Enjoy the hobby and stay safe!!



  1. Happy to help, I was pleased that I had so many for you!

  2. That's how we roll in the boogie-down blogs!