Friday, May 26, 2023

Grabbed a few to move the twins closer together

Been a few days since I posted, but I did receive a nice package at the beginning of the week that was designed to move the '59 Topps want list and the 71-72 OPC want list a little closer together.  

Quite a few of the 71-72 OPC cards have some awful head shots; meaning in the case of Larry Hillman, the head of Larry was placed on a goalie's body.  Had to look twice to reinforce to myself that Larry was a defenseman.   It also looks like the neck is being strangled by the jersey.  

I was very happy that the 8 cards cost about $24, considering that there a few cards with some good names such as Giacomin and Berenson, and a couple of rookie cards as well.  

I haven't quite caught up with the 1959 Topps want list, which is at just 43 cards with one on the way.  But it sounds a lot better that 1971-72 OPC is down to just 50 remaining.  I think I may be able to get one more purchase similar to this one to knock down a few more cards at once to twin the two sets.   Then more of the big names will start. 




  1. You know that as both a Michigan Hockey and Wings fan I had to shout out the Berenson! Vintage hockey definitely isn't my wheelhouse but these look great. Good luck knocking off the bigger ones you're chasing at reasonable prices.

  2. I would think putting a head on another body trumps airbrushing hats and fake backgrounds!