Friday, June 2, 2023

Come for the football, stay for the 59 Topps

Been meaning to post these for a few days, but life getting in the way.  I bought these on the latest ebay binge a couple weeks ago, concentrating on the lone '59 Topps baseball card I bought, but found a few vintage football cards at a reasonable price that I just couldn't leave behind.

Tell me Vince doesn't look the part of a football player.  Also please tell me that the Redskins logo doesn't look awful?  '69 Topps football is just 11 cards in, but I love the look of this set and hopefully will have the opportunity to collect some more in the not too distant future.

1970 Topps was my first real foray into collecting vintage football.  I really enjoyed the lot of about 70 cards that I bought, even though the condition wasn't the greatest.  Back then, the photos weren't the greatest, but the guys actually looked the part of a football player.  

Darrell Johnson's high number card from the '59 set was the main purchase of this lot.  I spotted it for under $6 and thought it looked in really good shape.  The want list is getting lower, and more and more expensive.  42 cards are left in the '59 set with very few cards that won't cost at least $10 to purchase.  I'm not scared yet, but it's getting to the point where the cards I have to get are big names and the bargain shopping will really begin.

Jim Perry high number for $10 on ebay...he might be next.


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  1. With that look, football was probably Vince's only path.