Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The same, only different

I guess that I could have posted all the cards that I've shown over the past couple of days on the same post as tonight's, but I really am trying to keep a steady flow of posts.   It doesn't hurt when you have just over a half dozen trade envelopes arrive on your doorstep in a 2 day period.  It's more hockey today as these two envelopes also knock down some OPC want lists.  One old, and one not as old.

Let's start with the newer part of the post, with a set that's coming along nicely, 2009-10 OPC.

3 time trade partner, and fellow blogger Joseph (TCDB ID: CrazieJoe) sent me a page worth of OPC cards, nearly getting me to the halfway point of this set.  The trade market has been the biggest source of cards for this set, as I may have had only a dozen or so when I put this set up on the site as one to build.  Up to 278 out of the 600 for the set, so we're doing all right.  Joseph also sent me another card for my Keith Tkachuk collection:

Very nice looking card, and it helps that UD put the year of manufacture on the front of the card, as often times it's very hard to see it when it's on the back.

Next up is an older OPC set that I've worked off and on since it came out in 1990-91.

25 cards off of this set's want list make this another set that's completable by the end of the year.  71 cards is not a whole lot for a set that doesn't have any cards that are high value.

These are the other two cards I received from another repeat trade partner, Andy (TCDB ID: andyroy3) who I'm sure was glad to unload all these cards for a few inserts and base cards from the 08-09 season.  As you can see, I still haven't figured out the new computer and scanner combo, as I keep cutting off the top of cards on my scans.  Practice makes perfect.

What has been great lately is that I've been able to knock off a lot of wants for my player collections as well.  It hasn't just been one or two of the ten, it's been most of them that have had cards added, which is great!!

With all the trades coming in, these posts are pretty much all the same, only different.

Enjoy the hobby!



  1. The 1990-91 O-Pee-Chee set is one I will eventually start. I really liked that year for hockey. So many good rookies.

    1. I'm sure that you'll eventually find a cheap starter lot on ebay or somewhere for 90-91 OPC

  2. 2009-10 OPC is a nice set, one of the few I really like since the brand returned. I had the 1990-91 Topps set back in the day and I've always wanted to pick up some of the OPC singles that didn't have a Topps counterpart.

    1. So far there haven't been too many designs from the modern OPC that I don't like.

      I never have sat down to figure out which cards from 90-91 OPC don't have a counterpart in Topps. Likely all the Russian cards for starters I would imagine...