Sunday, February 23, 2020

It had only been 18 months since a Jays hit

It's gotten to the point where I've run out of witty blog post titles.  Eventually I'm going to have to come up with more ways to describe trades, but for now I have my 2nd trade with Greg from the Collective Mind blog so far this year.   Not quite as big as the first one, but I still was able to add a couple of dozen cards to the collection.

More Jim Thome cards to add to the collection.  It's amazing just how many base cards he had over his career.  Which just tells you how many products were released over a nearly 2 decade span through the 90-s and 00-s.  Bottom center is a Upper Deck Sweet Spot that is serial numbered, one aspect of the Thome collection that is somewhat lacking, a lot of serial numbered cards.

The rest of the 14 are featured above, the Prestigious Pros card adding to the serial #'d total.  The one card I really don't fancy all that much is the '07 Artifacts in the upper row center, with the old style typewriting font on the back, it looks too much like news print to me.  Just the opposite, the Donruss Kings Timeline card is great, featuring two artist renderings of Jim as both an Indian and a Phillie.

There were 10 cards from the '83 Topps FB set for my friend Chris, but I neglected to scan them before I moved them on to my friend, so no luck in showing them.

Finally, this is the 1st addition to the Blue Jays hits page I've made in over 18 months.

Very cool to get a certified autograph of Anthony Alford in the collection, but I will say that his auto is much like most modern athletes....too short.  It almost looks like he wrote "A of A"on the front of the card.   Nonetheless, it is good to update the Jays "hits" page after all this time.  Maybe when I get this run of sets I'm working on complete, I'll try and chase down a couple more autos of current Jays if I can find them cheaply.

Greg, thank you very much for the cards, they are appreciated!!

Enjoy the hobby!!


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  1. Gotta admire the old school generation of ball players who put the extra effort and time into their signatures. That being said... I can totally related to why players come up with quick signatures. I'm not a professional athlete, but at the end of the year I get bombarded with yearbooks to sign. And the first few I take the time to write nice notes to my students. Lol. The rest get a "have a great summer" note and this squiggly line that is suppose to be my signature ;)