Monday, September 9, 2019

So excited to post it, I forgot the title

Sometimes the unexpected happens and it just blows you away.  Trade offers have kind of dried up the past couple of weeks on the TCDB for me, so I decided to see if I could get something going.

I found a person that was offering up 13 of the Gypsy Queen green parallels that I'm chasing after this year.  Standard trade M.O. is to see who it is I'd be trading with, check the feedback, then see if I have anything on their want list.

What I've encountered a lot lately is many new people to the TCDB site, and they've entered cards for trade, and have no want lists available.   The opposite is also true, many people have want lists, but nothing available for trade.   Most of these people have 0 feedback as well, so it's been a little frustrating, since I can be a bit leery when it comes to new trade partners at times...

Then I stumbled across these, and new trade partner Nathan (TCDB ID:nathanfrancy).

What's quite interesting about this trade is I sent the trade offer this past Saturday morning.   That's right, just 2 days ago.  Yes, the cards are in hand.   MO to FL, 2 days.

Cover your ears kids, but that's a holy shit moment right there.  I like to think that I'm fast when it comes to getting cards out to trade partners, but I can't beat this...

Sometimes you have to accentuate the positive, and this trade is about as positive as I can get.

Thank you for the cards Nathan, they are truly appreciated.

Thanks for reading!



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  2. This kind of reminds of me of the couple of times that I've won an item on eBay, and then get a notification from the seller that my item has been put in the mail within an hour or two of me paying -- can never figure out how they're able to get something sent so quickly?

    Oh, and out of curiosity, how far along are you with this project?

    1. GQ Green is just over 40% done. I think it's 128 out of 300 that I have so far.