Monday, September 23, 2019

More distractions

Last week I posted about a 9 count of 71-72 OPC that I picked up off of eBay.  Well, I received my COMC shipment today and I managed to double that total from last week!

When you see a seller offering cards from this set in nice shape for less than $1 apiece, you have to jump on them, because they don't come along at that price very often. 

My big check when looking at these cards on COMC is the back.  There are a lot of cards that have a fair bit of paper loss on the back, likely from kids taping the cards to a wall or a piece of Bristol board.  So that's the first thing I look at, and each one of the cards I bought are in really nice shape.

The fronts are all in good shape, no noticeable creases, just the usual rough edges here and there and the odd soft corner.

What's good about this set as well is I've heard a lot of the names.  I know the likes of Hodge, Koroll and Martin.  Plager, Wakely and Stanfield are other names that played well into the 1970's.  This group of 18 also don't suffer from what a lot of the other cards I've showed off, airbrushing.  Each of these guys is in their current team uniform.

I'm closing in on halfway complete, 16 cards short of the 132 card mark.  This set is going to end up much like 68-72 Topps baseball, taking quite a long time to finish.  Marathon, not sprint, right?

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  1. Marathon sets are one of the best parts of collecting. Great looking cards too! Every time I see these I always think of the 2001-02 Topps Heritage parallels. I have a bunch of those, but none of these awesome originals.

  2. Every time I see this set, I appreciate it more and more.

  3. I often the check the backs of vintage cards (especially non-sport) first on COMC as well, because like you said, they have an awful lot on their site with really messed up backs.

  4. thanks for this. I finally caved and added all the Hawks from this year to my wantlist. Has to be one of the best designs of the 70s!!