Monday, September 2, 2019

Football season is upon us

Last year I decided to dip my toe in the waters again and try to build one football set.   Prestige might not have been the wisest choice, as I think I've only recieved a couple of small trades to advance that set closer to completion.

This year, I decided to go a bit more low level and started on the 2019 Donruss football set, which resembles it's baseball cousin.

Had to scan a card with Mitchell on it
Love the look of the base set, like how the stripes near the team logo are the team's colors.  The base set is also manageable at 350 cards, with the RCs numbered from 251-300 and the Rated Rookies from 301-350. 

I bought a couple of the retail yellow hanger boxes, the ones that contain a jersey card inside, and I didn't do too badly.

Within a week of getting this card, Clowney has already been traded to the Seahawks to bolster their defensive line. 

There's also a ton of inserts and parallels, like most sets these days.  I have a few of the red press proofs and a few of the blues as well...

What's nice for guys like me who enjoy modern product but don't go totally insane over it, is that Donruss made the variations easy to spot...

The card numbers have the letter "V" below them.  Makes it a lot easier for novices such as me....

I haven't opened everything that I plan to open for Donruss football, as I have my hurricane stash ready, and that includes one of the 30 card packs that have the blue parallels inside.  If and when we get hit, I'm going to start posting a few packs here and there to pass the time....

Stay tuned...
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  1. Excited to see what Seattle's defense can do this year... especially if they can stay healthy. The addition of Reed after his suspension should make things even more interesting.