Tuesday, September 10, 2019

One zero is all it takes to F--- things up

I didn't scan a lot of cards tonight, only 11 because I thought that the story behind this post was more entertaining (at least to me it is).

I received a nice package from 3 time trade partner Craig (TCDB ID: DukeyDevil) that contained a bunch of '78 Topps.  71 of them.

The cards are really just for show here, although I must say that the George Foster/Jim Rice Home Run Leaders card is really bad ass.

But the fun here, is the trip that my cards took.

Step by step, in bullet point form, just to make it easier to read, is the journey:

  • Package leaves MA on the 19th of August
  • Arrives in Miami on the 21st.  Not bad.
  • Makes it to a Ft. Lauderdale post office on the 21st.  Not the correct post office by the way, but it's in Ft. Lauderdale
  • Because the package is missing a 0 on my address, it sits in that post office.  For a week
  • On the 28th, the package is sent to the Opa Locka distribution center (N. Miami)
  • Opa Locka sends it back to the wrong post office on the 29th. 
  • It gets sent back to Opa Locka on the 30th. 
  • The package finally makes it to the correct post office on the 30th, and is delivered that day.
9 days to go 9 miles locally.   I work in the package delivery business.   I've had people on the phone scream at me for a lot less than this.

I've had lots of packages make it across the country in no time flat.

Funny how one zero can F--- things up.  Oh well.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I had the same experience sending something to you once, if you recall. Granted it was from up here, but still, the journey it went on was insane! Seems to be plenty of confusion at your local POs, not that mine is any better...

  2. I know I've left this comment before (maybe here, maybe not)... but I sure do love the well-cropped action shots of the 1978 Topps Yankees.