Thursday, September 26, 2019

And then there were 5

With so many sets that I have want lists for, it's easy to forget at what point I'm at as far as a specific set is concerned.

When I received my COMC order a few days ago, and pulled these 4 cards out of the box, it hit me like a ton of bricks that I'm actually just 5 cards short of finishing the 76-77 OPC set.   This is one of the first sets I collected as a kid, and over 40 years later finally finishing this up is going to be a big source of pride.

My patience (read cheapness) finally led to getting these cards at a lower price.  The Canadiens team leaders card was just over $2, and the Bernie Parent was at $4.  Much, much better than I had seen over the past few months. 

I miss the days where forward lines spent more than a few weeks together.  The LCB line was a big force during the mid to late 70's, and finding this card for just under $2 was a big score for me. 

Finally, getting this card for less than $10 was a huge win.

I was pretty much resigned to having to pay $20 or more for this card, as I hadn't found any copies that were decent for less than that.   Then one Saturday morning, I hopped on the site, and saw this up for sale for $9.  Had to look at it twice to make sure that it was in as good condition as I hoped.  Then I get it out of the sleeve, and it was in even better shape than I thought.

An absolute steal for that price.  I'll smile each time I look at the set.

Now, I'm down to 5 cards to finish this off.   Ken Dryden, Lanny McDonald, Tiger Williams, and 2 checklists.  I know I'll get the McDonald for around $4-$5.

What the other 4 will cost, who knows?   Probably won't be cheap though...

Thanks for reading!!



  1. Never seen the 1976-77 line cards until today. What an amazing subset. The French Connection, LCB Line, Long Island Lightning Company, and The Bicentennial Line. How awesome is that?

  2. Sweet Orr! Love the sets of that era. I'm just delving into them in depth the last several months.