Friday, May 5, 2017

This is how the other half looks

Last night I showed off cards #1-297, tonight is the remainder, cards 298-587.

Quite a few big names in the latter half of the set, as well as the shorter printed high numbers starting at #523.

Right off the bat, first row of cards you get Hammerin' Hank!  Same page is the Giant Gunners card of Cepeda and Mays.  

 Rocky Colavito, Casey Stengel, the Willie's McCovey and Stargell.  Tommy Harper with his oversized Topps trophy, the AL Bombers card.  Some great looking photos as well, especially the Reds Joe Jay with the sleeveless jersey.  Awesome.

Wally Moon's unibrow!   Vic Power, a great name for a baseball player.  Pepitone, Frank Howard and Santo.  Warren Spahn, he cost me $20, but it's in super condition.  Love the gold and green jersey on Tom Sturdivant of the Athletics.  Whitey Ford was another find that didn't cost me a whole lot.

Harvey Haddix and Roberto Clemente side by side in the set, fantastic.  Had a very tough time finding a Clemente card for cheap, as I actually remember buying that one for $40 at the 2014 National; it's a bit beat up, but I was still extremely happy to check that card off of my want list.  Tony Kubek was a color man for the Blue Jays during the 80's; I listened to him and Don Chevrier call a lot of games as the Jays evolved into a winning team.  The Tops in NL card with Mays and Aaron is a very underrated card in this set.  Decent copies can be found now on ebay for the low to mid 40's, which to me is very cheap for a card featuring two of the best sluggers the game has ever known.

The Gates Brown RC was a tough card to find at a decent price.  I will always laugh every time I see the scowl on Don Larsen's face.  There are quite a few cards that I bought early on like the John Edwards card that have rounded corners.  Maybe some time down the road I will try and upgrade some of them.
Two of the greatest pitchers from the set are on the same page, Bob Gibson and Gaylord Perry.  The Rico Carty RC is one of my favorite cards from the set, as he played for the Blue Jays at the tail end of his career in the late 70's.  Unfortunately he wasn't the player that he was in the 60's...

As we get into the high numbers, I think to myself that I'm thankful that there aren't a lot of big names there that would have cost a fortune.  None the less, names like Niekro, Kaat, Uecker and Minoso each took a few dollars out of my wallet.

There you have it, the entire '64 set posted yesterday and today.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Be sure to leave a comment on this post as well for another entry.   I'm going to give everyone until Sunday at 3PM EDT, then I'll run the random generator and give out a couple of COMC prizes to help celebrate my good fortune of completing this set.

Thanks for reading!  Robert


  1. I have just recently started focusing on this set a little more, so maybe in about 20 years if there are still blogs (and I'm still blogging), I will have a set of similar posts to share.

  2. It's such a cool looking set laid out like that. Love the Colt .45s great unis. Not seen often on cards. Same for the white and red Athletics. The 'yelling' managers are pretty neat as well. A few random faves...the cards of Jim Bouton, Casey, Hal Woodeshick, Julian Javier, Spahnie. Thanks for posting these this way. lot's of scrolling fun for sure.

  3. I just started working on this set. It will be a challenge, but I think it will be worth it when I finish.

  4. Hell of a deal on that Uecker!

  5. always gotta love the Moon card

  6. Nice looking set. I'm sure the Piersall could be pricey also

  7. one of the nicer 60s sets in my opinion. congrats again!

  8. Awesome seeing these all together!

  9. Thanks for sharing the set! I probably will never see a complete one in person, so it was nice to look at yours.

  10. '64 is the last Kaat I need to own all of his Topps cards. Here's hoping I can find a good deal on one soon.

  11. Very cool! For a set that is almost all portrait shots, there are so many different expressions on their faces - some very regal, and some goofy. But there aren't a whole lot of just boring head shots like in some sets. And maybe it's because I haven't paged through the early 60's sets as much, but to see the Colt .45's, the KC A's, etc. is just neat and kinda rare. It's like '64 was the end of an era.

  12. Great cards.. congrats again!

    1. Er, think I may be a bit late for my second entry. I've fallen a few days behind in my blog reading. Trying to catch up!